Frequently Asked Questions

What is licensing and who should come?

Licensing is a unique experience that blends the love of sewing, friendships, skill-building and business opportunity. Students come to licensing to improve their sewing skills, to add a ready-to-teach collection of curriculum to their business, or… read more »

What types of licensing are available?

Licensings are available for a wide variety of sewing techniques including heirloom sewing, serger sewing, projects and techniques for beginners, heirloom quilting, sewing for baby, plus many more that are being planned for the future. read more »

What kinds of projects will I make?

Licensing projects are unique to each licensing, and they are created to meet the interest of a variety of students. Generally, depending on the focus of the curriculum, projects fit within the following categories: christening gowns, baby garments and accessories, fashion accessories, home décor, quilts, children’s and adult garments. read more »

Can I see pictures of the licensing projects?

In order to protect the copyright investment that students are purchasing when they attend licensing, we do not display photos or drawings of the projects on our licensing pages. Once a student is licensed, they are free to display the drawings or finished projects in their classes, newsletters, or on their business web sites.

What do I need to know to come to licensing?

First, you must love sewing. Next, you should be somewhat familiar with your sewing machine, or in the case of the serger, you should at least know how to thread it. Finally, you are excited to learn new techniques, improve your skills, and make friends with others who love sewing as much as you do.

What does it cost to come to licensing?

Each licensing class is affordably priced and offers students a great value. The cost includes a complete set of curriculum, kits for most of the projects in the curriculum, half of a double room, meals on full days of licensing, a professional photograph taken by the Sew Beautiful magazine’s photographer, and so much more. Specific costs for a licensing are detailed within each class description. read more »

Will I need to bring a sewing machine or serger for the class?

Most of our classes are generic which means that each student may bring their own machine no matter what the brand. Occasionally, we have machine-brand specific licensings which means that the sponsoring machine company generously provides the machines for our class. Students coming from outside the Continental USA will automatically have a machine loaned to them during class. We also have machines of various brands and models available to loan to any student who prefers to not bring their own machine. If you are planning to fly, you may especially want to consider this option. We strongly discourage students from planning to carry-on or check their machines when flying. The airlines only accept a limited amount of liability for the machine’s value if anything should happen to it in transit. You don’t want your machine to become one of the sad tales that we have to tell! Please call to confirm availability of a machine before you register.

What happens during licensing?

During a licensing, students receive kits for most of the projects in the collection. Each beautifully presented kit contains… read more »

When do I need to arrive for class?

We ask that students arrive by 5:30 pm on the afternoon of the first date in the licensing week schedule. Actual sewing begins at 8:30 am the next morning.

When do we go home?

Students return home anytime the morning of the last date given in the licensing week schedule. All licensings events end the night before.

Are guests welcome?

Absolutely! To read about our guest policy… read more »

How are special diets or allergies accommodated?

While the hotel tries to provide a varied menu for their guests, we are unable to accommodate any special dietary requests. However, read more »

Do I make my own hotel reservations?

The Licensing Department makes all hotel reservations according to your preferences and requests as indicated on the registration form. read more »

May I request a private room?

Yes, if you prefer private accommodations, a surcharge will apply.

How do I register for a licensing class?

Simply complete and return the registration form. read more »

What happens if I have to cancel?

While we never want you to miss out on a licensing experience, sometimes uncontrollable events make cancellations necessary. For specifics about our cancellation policy, read more »

Do I have to take classes in a certain order?

All licensings are unique and you may choose whichever one fits your needs and schedule. Roman numerals simply indicate a collection of curriculum.

What will having a license permit me to do?

The primary benefit of licensing is that you receive a ready-to-teach collection of curriculum and you co-own the copyright to that curriculum alongside Martha Pullen Company for as long as you live. This means that you can either make the projects for sale without limit or, if you are teaching… read more »

Will help be available after the class is over?

Yes! Every class returns home with a list of contact information for all the teachers who participated in their specific class. Help truly is never more than a phone call or email away.

Do I have to come back periodically to be re-certified?

There is no recertification required for licensings. But we think you will love the experience and value so much that you will want to return again and again for other licensings.