What is Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing?

Licensing is a unique experience that blends the love of sewing, friendships, skill-building and business opportunity. And you are welcome to come for any one of these reasons or all four! Students come to licensing to improve their sewing skills, to add a ready-to-teach collection of curriculum to their business, or to spend time with others who love sewing as much as they do.

“This week was perfect! The staff went to extraordinary lengths to make sure that we had everything (& more) that we could need, want, or even think of! The time was invaluable – not only in terms of instruction & learning – but for “re-fueling” my tank – and re-inspiring me for teaching. It was a great value for my $$ and worth every penny — and beyond. (sometimes I think people think the fee is high — but when you see all that is involved “ it’s a bargain!!)”- Terri, VA

“I was worried that I would not be able to keep up in the classes, but I learned so much and I had the time of my life. Thanks to all “precious” staff and Martha for all you do. Thanks for the memories.” - Mike, OH

The primary benefit of licensing is that you receive a ready-to-teach collection of curriculum and you co-own the copyright to that curriculum alongside Martha Pullen Company for as long as you live. This means that you can either make the projects for sale without limit or, if you are teaching, you can make as many copies of the project instructions as you need for your students. No one else will have your projects other than the students who are licensed for that curriculum. Projects in each licensing collection are unique to that particular licensing. We never duplicate a specific project although you may see techniques repeated from project to project and licensing to licensing. You never have to return for recertification — although we think you’ll have so much fun that you will want to keep coming back for other licensing collections.

“I don’t know how, but the licensing classes get better and better. I was enthralled with all the wonderful projects and of course the fabulous teachers. Going to Huntsville to a licensing is like going home. Two months later, I’m still enjoying what I learned by doing the projects. Each one has a unique personality and is such a joy to work on. Thank you, thank you for all you do. We are so fortunate to learn from such loving, creative teachers.”Sue, FL

During a licensing, students receive kits for most of the projects in the collection. Each beautifully presented kit contains fabric and all other unique items that are needed to complete the project. In addition to the kits, students receive thread bags containing a selection of thread weights and colors to be used for sewing each kit. For those licensings that include machine embroidery designs, students also receive a personal CD with multi-formatted designs for all embroideries used in the class. Kits, thread bags and embroidery design CDs are for the students to keep. As the kits and project instructions are distributed in class, the teachers review the project instructions and highlight new techniques that need to be learned. This is when questions are answered, demonstrations are conducted, and students have time to sew.

“Martha Pullen licensing events provide more than you ever wanted — great kits, exceptional written directions, loads of expert help and fun every day.” -Lisa, WA

Licensings are either generic or machine brand-specific and this is how the curriculum is written. Generic licensings are all-brand inclusive which means that any machine brand may be used in class and the instructions are written so they may be used on a variety of machines. When a licensing class is sponsored by a machine company, that company provides machines for the class and the curriculum is written to focus on the characteristics and capabilities of that particular machine. Also, licensings do not have to be taken in any particular order. Roman numerals in a licensing title merely indicate the collection of curriculum.

All Licensing classes are held in Huntsville, Alabama. This allows our Martha Pullen Licensed teachers to get personally acquainted with the Martha Pullen staff and to also have the opportunity to shop at our warehouse during their Licensing experience. Huntsville has an international airport and our host hotel has a shuttle available to transport our students between the airport and hotel.

"There is nothing like it. Total immersion in projects and fabric – Wonderful! This was the best week of my life. I will be back. I learned so much, I had no idea I did not know. I have been sewing for 54 years. I feel like I was just putting things together. Now I feel like I can sew." -Connie, IN