You’re Invited to Our ‘Priceless Treasures’ Online Licensing

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We just kicked off our new online licensing, Heirloom Sewing: Creating Priceless Treasures! I shared a special sneak peek with you when we opened registration, and today I’d like to tell you a little more about all the sewing fun in store for this course. Students will receive more than 30 beautiful heirloom projects, ranging from christening gowns (yes, plural!), items for babies and children, keepsake gift projects, a gorgeous heirloom technique quilt, doll clothes, ladies garments, pillows and more. Read on below to take a closer look at some of these projects, read testimonials from a couple of our past online licensing students and more:

The curriculum for the course includes all of the projects originally included in our popular Heirloom II licensing retreat; we’ve renamed it to better represent this outstanding collection of heirloom sewing projects:

Double Scalloped Madeira Bonnet1 copy

Garments and accessories for babies and children…
A christening gown is, of course, one of the most “priceless treasures” an heirloom sewist can create. We have a couple gorgeous christening gown patterns for you in this curriculum, including one double scalloped Madeira design that can also be made for a little girls “Sunday best” dress. Other special projects for little ones include Madeira appliqué baby bibs, sweet bonnets, a serger baby gown and more.

Ladies garments…
There are some lovely blouses for women included in the course: a sleeveless shell top that features lace and pin tucks, and our “heirloom sampler” top that includes lots of great techniques. And you’re going to love the comfy knit nightshirt, too!

Home decor projects…
Your home will be also filled with heirloom elegance by the time this course is over! We have several pillow projects for you: a tie-on pillow, a shark’s teeth pillow, corded hemstitch pillowcases and French waterfall pillowcases. There are also a couple of tea towel projects and a beautiful Celtic lace and bias table runner. And wait until you see the gorgeous Spring Bouquet technique quilt!

Dolls and other keepsakes…
We also have dresses for 18-inch dolls as well as darling “church doll” and “angel fairy” projects. Plus, there is a tatted fancy band needle case, an heirloom wedding handkerchief, pincushions and more!

Double Scalloped Madeira Applique Childs Dress

We’ll show you how to create each one of these projects through both written instructions and video tutorials. When the course is over, those written instructions become your lesson plans for teaching the projects in your own classrooms! You’ll also get all sorts of technique videos and handouts, along with business ideas and teaching tips. Plus, you’ll receive machine embroidery designs that you can use on your licensing projects if desired. Your instructors for the course are me (Kathy McMakin), Connie Palmer, Alicia Welcher, Pam Mahshie and Missy Billingsley. We share all of our special tips and tricks with you on these videos, just like we do at our face-to-face events. During the course, we’ll be available to answer any questions you might have about projects, patterns, techniques and teaching methods.

To receive your Martha Pullen teacher’s license at the end of the course, you’ll need to complete only 10 assignments (5 technique samples and 5 projects). What exactly does having this license mean? It means you will share the copyright with Martha Pullen Company for all the projects in this curriculum and their written directions. Whether or not you are interested in teaching, this is a great credential to have. If you do want to teach, you will be able to teach all of the projects in this curriculum in your own classes and you can make as many copies of the project instructions as you need for your students. If you don’t want to teach, the course still has plenty of great perks – you’ll be able to make or sell these exclusive projects without limit!

Check out what a couple of our past online licensing students — now licensed teachers! — have to say about the experience:

Lace and Pintucks Sleeveless Shell 2

“I wasn’t sure how the online class would work, but I love it. The excitement is on every message blog between teachers, other students, pictures and videos. With the video’s, I can have teachers with me for several months. If i missed something, I can re-watch videos as often as I need or I can contact teachers and get answers. The other students are very helpful and it is great to see all the completed projects. I am using all the wonderful material I bought from Martha’s schools so finally making a dent in my stash. Thank you so much for offering this online, I cannot wait for the next one!” Barbara Biles, Alabama

“I find the online course the Martha Pullen instructors designed to be outstanding–who would expect less? As a former high school and college teacher, I know quality instruction when I see it and you’ll find these courses easy to navigate, with clear instructions and state of the art technology. What’s not to love? I’ve been a devoted MP fan for some time and due to the travel involved, was unable to attend a training in person, but the online programs are the next best thing. The connections with our teachers and sense of community we developed as classmates happened immediately and I hope to continue the relationships I’ve developed with my new friends and classmates long after the class ends. I love seeing the projects everyone is finishing as we progress together through the course and the flexibility in how we meet the deadlines and complete the projects allows for everyone to “tailor” the course to his or her own personal needs.” Barbara Bolson, Alaska (and soon to be Washington)

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Kathy McMakin, Director of Education

4 thoughts on “You’re Invited to Our ‘Priceless Treasures’ Online Licensing

  1. Stacey Rorrer

    Are you allowed to give the embroidery designs on a USB to your students so they can make the project again? I’m trying to decide if this will be good for my students.

  2. Natalie Nettles Post author

    Hi Stacey! It is according to the design — if the design is available for purchase then no. If we had the design digitized for the licensing then yes. You are also not required to use the designs provided in the licensing. Many times, students want to monogram instead of doing the embroidery provided. We allow any design that fits in the space. Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!


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