Whimsy Week Day 4 – Mitered Spaghetti Leaves Tutorial (and a Giveaway!)

Welcome to Day 4 of Whimsy Week, where we are celebrating the release of designer Kari Mecca’s newest book, More Sewing with Whimsy! Join us every day this week as we share behind-the-scenes videos, excerpts and previews of the book, a special interview with Kari, and best of all – GREAT giveaway opportunities every day! We will announce a selection of different special “Whimsy” prizes each day this week. Reply to the posts of the giveaway(s) you would like to win and we will announce the winners next Monday, August 16, 2010.

Today’s giveaway is 2 copies of Kari Mecca’s first DVD, Sewing with Whimsy! Head to the end of this post for more information and to enter. The Sewing with Whimsy DVD brings all the benefits of Kari’s sought-after teaching style to your sewing room. You’ll be able to watch and listen as Kari shows you how to duplicate the trims and fabric techniques that consistently put her garments on the cover of Sew Beautiful magazine and make her a popular teacher at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion. Step-by-step instructions come alive through Kari’s voice and hands as rickrack and ribbon flowers bud and blossom before your eyes. You’ll learn Kari’s secrets for contrasting hembands, mitered and layered trims, using your sewing machine’s ruffler foot for gathering and adding the sparkle of beads. Kari’s sewing artistry abounds from beginning to end, and her fanciful designs will leave you completely enchanted!

Be sure to check in with Kari on her blog this week as well, where she is celebrating Whimsy Week with even more sneak peaks and free downloads. Check out her Tips & Tricks and inspirational photo collection!
Today on Whimsy Week, we have a fun technique to share with you from More Sewing with Whimsy as featured on one of Kari’s favorite new patterns, “Flirty Girl” (pictured above) – how to make little leaves with lace out by mitering spaghetti bias! You’ll find this technique plus many more in the invaluable “Trims & Techniques” section of More Sewing with Whimsy.

Mitered Spaghetti Leaves
Made from bits of spaghetti bias and lace, these cute little openwork leaves add that special touch that says it’s an original.

  1. Cut a piece of spaghetti three times longer than finished leaf size. With right sides together, fold spaghetti in half. Hand tack edges 1/8″ from fold.
  2. Press open forming point. Overlapping ends, angle to make leaf curve up. Hand tack to hold.
  3. Place lace behind leaf and curve to fit. Hand sew in place and saturate entire leaf in fray stop glue. Once dry, trim lace slightly shorter than leaf edge.
  4. Hand sew in place as desired.

For more great embellishment ideas, check out Kari’s new book, More Sewing with Whimsy!

Today’s giveaway is 2 copies of Kari Mecca’s first DVD, Sewing with Whimsy! To enter, reply below with your name and email address. We will announce the winner of this and the rest of our Whimsy Week giveaway prizes next Monday, August 16th. Entries will remain open until then!

Check back every day this week for more fun Whimsy Week posts and giveaways!


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