Wendy Week Day 5: Free “Ducky Daisy” Design (Plus one last giveaway!)

Welcome to Day 5 of Wendy Week here at the Sew Beautiful blog! With the release of designer Wendy Schoen’s new book Mastering Shadow Work Embroidery, we’re honoring the renowned artist and teacher with a week of special promotions and giveaways. We hope you have enjoyed joining us on the blog every day this week for exclusive book previews, an interview with Wendy, and our awesome giveaway contests – a different one each day!

Today we are giving away a Ducky Daisy Pillow Kit from Wendy Schoen Design! Details follow the instructions below.

To give you a small taste of what you can expect to find in Mastering Shadow Work Embroidery, we have excerpted Wendy’s adorable “Ducky Daisy” beginning shadow work design. Color key and stitch instructions follow below; click here to download the Ducky Daisy design template in Adobe PDF format.

Using the techniques we shared with you yesterday regarding supplies and tracing off your design, prepare your fabric with the Ducky Daisy template, then stitch out design in the following order. (Check out the introductory video here if you missed it!)
1. Working from foreground to background, look for shapes within other shapes. Shadow stitch the wing as you would a teardrop shape beginning at the tip in the “V configuration.” Work the beak in the same manner. The eye and facial features are stitched, as well.

2. Work the neck tie and lower bow loop as you would a rectangle. The top loop is worked as a teardrop, beginning with backstitches down the center line then shadow stitched on the outer edges, ignoring the center line.

3. The head is worked as you would a circle, beginning at the top and worked toward the body.

4. To complete the design, work the body as you would an oval, beginning at the breast and worked toward the tail, ignoring the wing entirely, but piggy-backing the stitches that share common boundaries.

5. Enjoy your completed design!

Today we are giving away a Ducky Daisy Pillow Kit from Wendy Schoen Design!

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment on this blog post below. Be sure you include an email address or contact information so that we can contact you if you’re a winner. Entries will remain open through the rest of Wendy Week and the winners will be drawn at random and announced next Monday, March 14, 2011.

We hope you have enjoyed Wendy Week here on the SB blog! Don’t forget you can still enter to win any of the giveaways announced this week by leaving a comment on their respective posts:

  • Monday: 3 signed copies of the book, Mastering Shadow Work Embroidery
  • Tuesday: 2 copies of the companion machine embroidery disc, Wendy Schoen’s Machine Embroidery Collection I
  • Wednesday: An entire year of lessons from Wendy Schoen’s Embroidery Club (2004)
  • Thursday: 2 copies of Wendy’s instructional Shadow Work Embroidery DVD, each paired with a floche sampler pack
  • Friday (this post): A Ducky Daisy Pillow Kit from Wendy Schoen Design

Winners will be announced and contacted on Monday, March 14th, 2011. Thanks for joining us this week – it has been a blast!


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