Valentine’s Day Treats & Lace Shaping Fun

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Do you want your sweetheart to give you the best Valentine’s gift ever – aka a trip to join us at a sewing event? I know just what you need to do: print out this newsletter, circle the event you want to attend on the schedule below and leave it where your sweetheart is sure to find it: on their breakfast or dinner plate, on the bathroom sink, on their pillow or even on their golf bag. Hopefully you will get it back with a sweet note that says, “Go! Happy Valentine’s Day!” We have a number of face-to-face events coming up – including Martha Pullen Licensings and the School of Art Fashion – and if you can’t come in person, try our Online Licensing: Teaching Beginning Sewing!


Now, in honor of Valentine’s Day I have a great tutorial to share with you for making a lace-shaped heart. Lace shaping is always beautiful on special heirloom projects, and this heart can be shaped quickly and easily using pins and a lace-shaping board.

1. Trace template onto fabric. You may trace only the outside line or both lines as shown. Be sure to trace the lace miter lines at the top and bottom of the heart.

2. Lay the fabric with the drawn heart template onto the lace shaping board. The lace will be pinned to the template through the lace, the fabric, and into the lace shaping board.

3. Cut one piece of lace long enough to go all the way around the heart with about 4 inches extra. Before you begin shaping the lace, leave about 2 inches of lace on the outside of the bottom line.


4. Place a pin at point A and point B on the miter line at the lower point of the heart (fig. 1). Pins will be placed at an angle.

5. Shape the lace along the outer template line pinning every 1/4- to 3/8-inch (closer along the tight curves) along the outer edge of the lace. The inner edge will be loose and curvy. Pin each side of the lace on the miter line at point C and D (fig. 1). Do not stretch the lace.

6. Fold the lace back on itself folding at point D. Remove pin at C and re-pin through both lace layers and through the fabric and board (fig. 2).

7. Lift the lace that was folded back and continue shaping the lace around the remaining side of the heart.


8. Cross the lace over the beginning lace and pin at A and B (fig. 3).

9. Pull the uppermost thread in the lace heading on each of the lace tails to make the inside of the heart lie flat (fig. 4).


10. Un-pin at A and fold the top lace under laying it directly on top of the beginning lace tail. Re-insert pin A though both lace layers (fig. 5).

11. Lightly spray starch, cover with a light press cloth and press until dry.

12. Trim the two lace tails that extend at the bottom of the heart so they do not show (fig. 6).

13. Re-pin the outer pins through the lace and fabric only so you can remove the fabric from the board.


14. With a 70 Universal needle, stitch around the inside and outside of the heart with a zigzag, pinstitch, or entredeux stitch (fig. 7). Trim the fabric away from behind the lace (fig. 8).

15. From the right side, stitch the miters with a narrow zigzag. On the wrong side, trim the excess lace tails neatly.

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We pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way, and for all of you.

Much Love to You All & May God Bless,
Kathy McMakin