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Our Teaching Beginning Sewing online licensing course is off and running, and there’s still time to enroll if you want to join in on the fun. This wonderful course includes more than 20 projects for you to create as you hone your sewing skills with our licensing team. Not sure if online licensing is right for you? We’ve gathered together an “essential guide” for this course to answer any question you may have about it.


What will you learn in this course? There are 20+ projects included in the Teaching Beginning Sewing curriculum, ranging from garments to bags to quilts to home decor. We’ll show you how to create each project through both step-by-step video lessons and downloadable patterns/written instructions. You’ll improve your sewing skills as you watch, learn and soak in all the helpful tips  shared by our instructors. There are also videos and downloadable handouts for general techniques and fun bonus videos related to the business of sewing and teaching methods. When you complete the course, you’ll receive a personalized Teaching Beginning Sewing licensing graduation certificate, the licensing logo for you to display on your website and/or business card and also a digitized version of the licensing logo so you can stitch it anywhere you want.


Who should take this course? That’s a question we get asked a lot, and the answer is… anyone who loves to sew! The course blends the love of sewing with skill-building and business opportunity. We’ll prepare you to teach sewing while giving you a tried-and-true curriculum you can use in your own sewing classroom, should you choose to teach. That’s right — after YOU learn the lessons in this course, you can turn around and teach them to others. Not interested in teaching? That’s OK — we also have plenty of students who take this course for other reasons. Once you complete the course and receive your teacher’s license, you will share the copyright for the written project instructions with Martha Pullen Co. That means that, in addition to making as many copies of the instructions as you need for your students, you can also make the projects for sale without limit. Or you can just enjoy making them for yourself and your loved ones. Either way, online licensing is a fun, rewarding experience in which you’ll learn a whole lot and create some amazing things. The projects in each licensing collection are unique to that particular licensing, so no one else will have your projects other than the students who are licensed in the same curriculum. Who is teaching the course? Some of the best sewing instructors around, of course! The video lessons are taught by Kathy McMakin, Connie Palmer, Alicia Welcher, Patty Smith and Martha Pullen. During the course, our licensing team will be available to answer any questions you might have about projects, patterns, techniques and teaching methods.


Because the course is online, you can take part in the comfort of your own home and complete everything on your own schedule. It’s incredibly convenient, and you’ll still get to have lots of fun with the online format. On our online licensing site, you can watch and rewatch the course videos all you want, download all the patterns and instructions, talk to the instructors, share with your fellow licensing students and more.


Teaching Beginning Sewing recently kicked off and will run until January 19, 2018. Our online licensing courses run around six months to ensure that all of our students have plenty of time to complete the course — and the required seven projects — at their own pace. So if you’re worried you’ve missed anything, you haven’t! You’ll have full access to everything the course has to offer when you enroll.

Click here to learn more and register for Teaching Beginning Sewing Online Licensing.

All the Teaching Beginning Sewing online licensing projects!

Pefer to join us live and in-person for a licensing course? We’ll also be teaching The Perfect Mix Licensing EXPRESS October 2-5, 2017 in Fredericksburg, VA at the School of Art Fashion Boutique.

Happy Sewing!
The Martha Pullen Team


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