The Perfect Mix: All the Techniques!

Explore serging, embellishing, hand stitching and more in The Perfect Mix!

Our Perfect Mix: Sew, Serge, Embellish online licensing is happening now and we’d love to have you join us for all the fun! You may have heard about the 20+ projects included in this course curriculum, but today we’d like to tell you more about another great aspect of this online licensing course: all the techniques you’ll master! With help from step-by-step video tutorials, you’ll learn so many fantastic techniques during this course.

We’ll begin with an overview on all the basic sewing techniques you’ll use over and over in your projects; seam allowance, French seams and puffing are just a few of the techniques discussed. We’ll also teach you all our tried-and-true methods for beginning heirloom sewing techniques by both sewing machine and serger. Then we’ll move on to many more great techniques, including:

Piping: Easy to make and effortless to insert into any seam, piping adds that special touch to any garment.

A row of double piping adds the perfect touch to this dress from The Perfect Mix.

Creating Plackets: Don’t let plackets scare you! We’ll demonstrate how to sew plackets the easy way.

Lace Shaping: Adding a lace shape to a garment or home decorating project is a snap! We’ll teach you the art of shaping lace two ways: the traditional method and the pinless way!

Pinstitch and Entredeux: Pinstitch and entredeux stitch are the two favorite stitches in heirloom sewing. We’ll show you how to use decorative stitches on your sewing machine, along with a large needle, to replicate these hand stitches of long ago.

Shark’s Teeth: This irresistible tuck treatment can be added to garments, as well as home decor projects.

Shark’s teeth is such an eye-catching heirloom technique!

Madeira Applique: “Magic Madeira” is what we call this technique because it is magical! You will love using wash-away basting thread to create this age-old technique.

Tucks of All Kinds: Both folded tucks and double needle pintucks add dimension and interest to any “created” fabric and without adding a lot of cost. Enjoy honing your skills with tucks of all kinds.

Serger Tucks: We’ll cover all types of serger tucks, too. By the end, you’ll be an expert!

Spanish Hemstitching: The machine technique of Spanish hemstitching is a fabulous technique in which you use a feather stitch or other decorative stitches to join two pieces of lace, ribbon or even two pieces fabric. You will love this age-old technique that can now be accomplished by sewing machine.

Spanish hemstitching is a lovely technique that you can now create by machine.

We’ll also teach you how to create gathering techniques, cathedral windows, chain and cover stitch, quilt bindings, texturing with shrinking fabric, picot bias, heirloom chainstitch quilting, machine-embroidered flowers and more. Plus, we’ll show you how to use Baby Lock’s Embellisher and Sashiko machines. The Embellisher is a needle-felting machine and the Sashiko machine replicates a hand-stitched look. You’re going to love these machines, but don’t worry; you don’t need to own an Embellisher or Sashiko machine, or an embroidery machine, to get your Martha Pullen license. Don’t own a serger? That’s not a problem, either. There are directions for completing the required techniques and projects using a sewing machine instead.

Master chain cover stitch quilting, lace shaping and so much more!

To earn your Martha Pullen Teacher’s License, you’ll submit photos of several projects (some assigned, some your choice) along with some specific technique samples. This license will grant you shared copyright ownership with Martha Pullen Co. for all the projects in this curriculum and their written directions. That means you can teach the projects in your own classes, make them for resale, or just enjoy making them for yourself or to give as special gifts. Only those who are licensed in a curriculum can teach or sell these projects.

Click here if you’d like to learn more and register for The Perfect Mix. Once you enroll, you will have instant access to all the videos, patterns and more included in this online licensing course!

Happy Sewing,

The Martha Pullen Team


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