Sew Knits with Confidence (Plus Giveaway!)

Sew Knits with Confidence (Plus Giveaway!)

Nancy Zieman, one of our most-favorite sewing mavens, is launching her new book, Sew Knits with Confidence, and we’re thrilled to be a part of her blog party this month!


Full disclosure: I’m a beginner. A fairly insecure beginner.  But I’ve always admired Nancy’s work and was excited to participate in this blog tour!

I really liked the four new patterns, but I loved the Santa Fe Dress pattern most.  This easy-to-make dress looks like something that belongs in my NYC closet. And when you’re a beginner sewer (who admittedly had a little help with this), a quick project like this is pretty appealing. (It was a relatively fast dress to make – in one afternoon!)

Santa Fe Dress


Everyone who knows me well knows that turquoise is my color, so that’s naturally the fabric color I chose. It looks just like this one, on the left:


Because I’m fairly new to sewing and most of the folks here at Sew Beautiful are professional sewers, I was nervous about posting amongst all the other fabulously talented bloggers on this list. But I must say that I’m super proud I was able to finish the easy-to-follow project (with minimal help)! It also didn’t hurt to read a little bit of Nancy’s book first, too, because she has this no-fear approach that inspired me to try new projects without hesitation. The only trouble I had was with the sizes – I chose the wrong size for my body, but I will make some minor altercations and show you the results. Overall, I encourage all beginners to give Nancy’s book a shot and test a few patterns; I’m certainly glad I did!

Okay, now for the really cool part! We are giving away a copy of Sew Knits with Confidence as well as ALL four new patterns to one lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a comment here by the end of the day on Friday, April 26th and we’ll pick a winner.

We had some technical difficulties with my finished project shots, so I’ll leave you with these shots of pure inspiration from Nancy, and we’ll post them before we announce our winner!  Be sure to follow Nancy on Twitter & Facebook for endless creativity and bountiful ideas for even more beautiful pieces.

green top

Courtesy of Sew Knits with Confidence

teal top

Courtesy of Sew Knits with Confidence

Purple top

Courtesy of Sew Knits with Confidence


And don’t forget to follow along with the other fun stops during Nancy’s truly inspiring blog tour!


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