Sew an Adorable Heart Appliqué


“Two of Hearts” by Diane Bradshaw

I have a cute and easy heart appliqué tutorial to share with you just in time for Valentine’s Day. This how-to from the talented Diane Bradshaw, who was a contributing designer to Sew Beautiful for many years, first appeared in issue #116 of the magazine as one half of a precious reversible Valentine’s Day frock. On this side of the button-on-the-shoulder, A-line top is a dangling chain of hearts appliqué made in a print that matches the pants. Apply the appliqué on a pattern of your choice or even a ready-made item using these instructions. You’ll need a fabric print, fusible web, 1/4-inch and 5/8-inch rickrack, wash-away stabilizer (optional), a wash-away fabric marker and the template provided here to create the appliqué:


Applique Template

Note: To save to your computer, simply right click and  choose “Save Image As” from the menu. Or, on a Mac, control-click and “Save As” – You can then print the template from your computer and trace.

1. Using heart template, trace three hearts onto accent fabric.

2. Create a fabric sandwich using two pieces of accent fabric and a piece of fusible web. Fuse fabrics wrong sides together around outer edges of heart shape, leaving space in the center V to insert rickrack later. Cut out hearts.

3. Cut three 2-inch strips of narrow rickrack and insert one end of each strip to inside V points of heart between fabric layers. Fuse with iron. Using a stain-stitch setting, zigzag around each heart encasing all raw edges. Wash-away stabilizer may be placed under hearts to make stitching easier. Trim rickrack tails to following measurements: one 1-1/2-inch piece and two 1-inch pieces.

4. Using a wash-away fabric marker, draw a straight line across front bodice and back bodice of top. This line should be even with bottom of both armscyes. Pin a piece of the 5/8-inch-wide rickrack along these lines.

5. Topstitch rickrack on back piece only and set aside.

6. Place appliquéd hearts centered and evenly spaced on front, inserting ends of rickrack strips under wide rickrack band. Place longest rickrack piece in center and both short ones on either side approximately 2-1/4-inches apart. Pin in place, evenly spaced, and topstitch. To add more security to the hanging hearts, stitch a small bar tack where each end is inserted.

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