Sew a Stuffed Heart for Valentine’s Day

A Full Heart: Stuffed Felt Valentine by Shannon Miller

Want to make a sweet Valentine for someone special? All you need to get started on this simple and inexpensive hand-stitched stuffed heart are some scraps of felt, sequins and seed beads. The result is a personalized keepsake Valentine’s gift that can be displayed year after year. Designed by Shannon Miller, this project appeared in the winter 2013 issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine. Follow the tutorial below to make your own.

What you need:

  • Heart template (available here)
  • Red felt
  • White sequins
  • Seed beads, red and white
  • Thread, red and white
  • Sewing needle
  • Fiberfill
  • Scissors
  • Blue wash-away marker (optional)

How to create:

1. Use provided template to cut out two heart shapes from red felt.

2. Select one heart to be front piece. Using white thread, begin stitching two rows of white sequins with red seed beads around outer edges so that there is about 1/8 inch of felt between edge of felt and sequins. NOTE: To stitch on sequins with seed beads, bring needle up through felt from back to front; slide on a white sequin and a red seed bead. Then, bring needle back down through sequin and felt so that seed bead sits atop sequin.

3. Decide on monogram to stitch onto heart; if desired, create a template by freehanding letters onto center front of heart using a blue wash-away marker.

4. Using white thread, stitch large initial onto center front of heart in white sequins and red seed beads.

5. Using white thread, stitch smaller initials into place on left and right sides of center initial in white seed beads. If necessary, moisten heart front to remove blue markings and let dry.

6. Place both felt heart pieces wrong sides together. Use red thread to whipstitch together around edges, being sure to leave a small opening for stuffing. Fill firmly with fiberfill through small opening and finish stitching edges together; tie off securely.

7. Cut a piece of red felt measuring 2 inches x 1/4 inch. Fold in half to form a loop and use red thread to hand-tack into place at top center back of heart to create a hanger.

Previously the editor of Stitch Craft Create magazine and art director of Sew Beautiful magazine, Shannon Miller is author of the book Paperplay: 40+ Projects to Fold, Cut, Curl and More and editor of Craft it Now: 75+ Simple Handmade Projects. A graduate of the University of Alabama with an interdisciplinary arts degree, she resides in Huntsville, Ala. and loves sewing and crafting. Visit her website at

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