The Secret to Tying a Perfect Sash Bow

We love beautiful dresses with big sashes, but tying a picture-perfect sash bow is harder than it looks. In this article from Sew Beautiful magazine, Carolyn Sheron shares her method for tying a perfect sash bow.

Note from Kathy Barnard, former editor of Sew Beautiful:

“No matter how many sashes I’ve tied over the years at countless photo shoots, I could never get the bow to look quite right without retying it at least ten times, and even then, there were no guarantees. Usually, the bows would tilt over and hang vertically instead of horizontally. Once in a while, after multiple attempts and teeth-grinding determination, I would discover the perfect combination on the last try, only to realize that I had no idea how to do it again. I actually started contributing it to holding my mouth open just the right way.

That was until one of our contributing designers, Carolyn Sheron, sent her article on mastering the secret to tying a perfect bow. I tried her method, and it has worked like a charm ever since. Her advice couldn’t have come at a better time either, because a week later I had to tie fifty bows around chairs for a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner. While most of you won’t have cause to tie that many bows in a year’s time, knowing how to whip out a perfectly tied sash can come in handy, particularly on those Sundays when you’re running late to church.”

Here is Carolyn’s tried-and-true, bow-tying method:

1. Cross left sash (pink) over right sash (blue).

Step 1

2. Make the first twist tie. This puts pink on top and blue on bottom.

Step 2

3. Make a loop with the bottom (blue) tail.

Step 3

4. Cross the top tail (pink) over the blue loop and wrap it around.

Step 4

5. Push the pink tail through the wrapped hole behind the blue loop; pull.

Step 5

6. Tighten bow knot, adjust size of loops, and spread loops to fluff.

Step 6

Try it; it works every time and holds its position.

Looking for a dress pattern with a sash bow? Here are some great options:

This sweet Sugar and Spice dress designed by Lindsay Wilkes features a gathered skirt, a large sash and a Peter Pan collar.

Designed by Susan O’Connor, Bliss is a dress for special occasions. The bodice is smocked from the shoulder with a stunning design, while a lavish sash encircles the waist and ties in a bow at the back.

One thought on “The Secret to Tying a Perfect Sash Bow

  1. Grandma Sue

    Learned how to make bows just this way back in the ’60s. I worked in a department store in the blouse department (remember when every blouse was on a hanger and a saleslady showed them to you from behind the counter?) and that is how I learned to make the perfect bow! And EVERY bow had to be perfect and identical. Thanks for bringing back such a long forgotten memory!


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