School of Art Fashion Fun!

Let me have the pleasure of telling each person reading this how much you mean to me. Many people are here in Huntsville enjoying pre-days at our 30th Anniversary School of Art Fashion. And many more of you are enjoying your sewing right in your own home. I love you all. For sure. Making heirloom clothing or quilts or crafts or “whatever” is one of the joys of sewing. These are things which cannot be bought in a store. These are the things of which memories are made. So many times I tell about the Easter clothes Mama made for me and of the trips to Kennamer’s Mill End Store to pick out patterns. Mama always loved Vogue patterns since she thought they were the most stylish. If you can believe it I think they were available in Scottsboro, Alabama a town of about 3000 when I was growing up. Or Mama might have bought those patterns in Chattanooga on another occasion. Whatever the case the joy of sewing is in my heart today and the memories are very vivid. I know you are making those memories today at your sewing machines.

I wish every one of you were here at our school. I would love to hug each of you. Since that is not possible I just send a hug via this blog. I know most of you get the newsletter and I’ll have lots of pictures to share. By the way the March/Easter Sew Beautiful is a dream beyond a dream for those who love heirloom sewing! I know you LOVED the White Issue but if you can believe it the March issue (not mailed yet) is even more beautiful. My only regret for this issue–and I have read it through twice already even with the big school going on–is that each picture and each garment could not have had a full page. If you love hand sewing this is going to be your favorite issue. If you love machine embroidery this is going to be your favorite issue. It is elegant beyond elegant and full of “dreams” and “memories.” From grown girl’s cotillion dresses to a pattern for a Christening dress that is indescribable. White, pink blue–almost every color under the rainbow. Wait until you see Chris Tryon’s technique for embellishing a woman’s dress or top around the waist. It would take ten pages to even describe the joy of this issue. And I need to go to bed before a full day of fun and pure heart’s delight at the school tomorrow. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you too!!! All of my friends who could not be here. I send my love as always.
May God Bless, Martha


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