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Our next online licensing course, Teaching Beginning Sewing, kicks off soon! This fun and interactive online learning experience includes patterns and step-by-step video tutorials for more than 20 fantastic projects as well as lots of other fun content. It all results in a Martha Pullen teacher’s license, which, once received, makes you a co-owner of the copyright for all the written instructions. That means you can take these ready-to-teach sewing project lessons and use them in your own classrooms, make the projects to sell or simply enjoy making these projects for yourself. We thought you might like to hear from some of our licensed teachers who have completed licensing to learn how they are using their teacher’s license… so we asked them!

Here’s what a few of our licensed teachers had to say:

1. Becky H., Cloudcroft, NM

I have been able to take Martha Pullen’s online licensing classes four times now, using my own stash, learning on my own time, at a price that I can afford.  The instructors are second to none in their presentations, student services, encouragement, and quick responses to questions or times of being “stuck” in the process.  The designs and patterns are challenging and give many opportunities to learn new applications. Although my projects have consistently won Best of Show, Best of Lot, and numerous First Place ribbons at county and state fairs as well as the NM State Extension Association Cultural Arts competitions, huge credit goes to these ladies for the incredible designs.  Kathy McMakin, Connie Palmer, Peggy Dilbone, Alicia Welcher have interacted with me personally.  That is huge!

Originally, I took the classes to be able to teach, but find that friends love the outfits and other items and have started placing orders.  I am able to stay at home and enjoy the journey.

(Funny thing….at last year’s State Cultural Arts Competition, it was hinted that maybe I should be banned from entering any more due to raising the bar so high.  LOL)

Thank you, Kathy, for your personal encouragement!

online licensing

2. Fiona O., Sydney, Australia

I am more than happy to express my delight at the online licensing program and once again give thanks to all who enable it to happen.  These things don’t just happen – there is a lot of hard work goes into it and I for one appreciate all that has been done to make these possible.  Thank you to all.

I discovered Martha Pullen and Heirloom Sewing in the early 1990’s.  Looking through the Sew Beautiful Magazines was always a joy.  It became a dream to attend one of the Martha Pullen Schools that were held in Huntsville.  Living in Australia with a young family, cost and time were always going to prevent this happening. Now due to the magic of the internet, I am able to attend the online licensing programs. I have taken part in each one, as it has been made available, and have found them to be thoroughly enjoyable. I loved all of the projects, with detailed instructions, and stretched myself by tackling things I hadn’t tried before .The help from the tutors, when required, has been wonderful and quick.  Their comments when marking the work has also been valuable and heartening. So far I have done the courses for my benefit, but have plans in the future to teach and the notes etc will be excellent.  Everything is ready to go.  Just add students . I cannot recommend these Licensing programs enough.

They have certainly enabled me to achieve my dreams.

online licensing

3. Rebekah S., Davidsonville, MD

I am so thankful for Martha Pullen Licensing programs. I had always wanted to try a class but could not leave my four children to attend licensing classes when they were in Huntsville.  For many years those classes were only a dream.  I could not believe it when the first online class was released. I signed up immediately–no travel required!  I could complete the classes in my own time and could see the techniques up close and personal. Better yet, I could watch the demonstration over and over again if needed. It was like having the instructors in my own home. Every instructor was responsive via email or online message boards to answer questions. I generally received an answer to my question in an hour or two and always by the next business morning (sometimes I asked questions in the wee hours of the morning).  I could also interact online with other students in the class–the atmosphere was so supportive. I learned so very much from that first class. Since that time, I have completed several more online classes and each one was amazing.

Last summer, my husband surprised me with a trip to attend a face-to-face licensing. It was an amazing time. Sitting and sewing with others who enjoy the craft was such a blessing to me. I even got to meet some students in person whom I had first met in the online classes!  Meeting all of the instructors was also phenomenal. It was clear that they love what they do. They were always able to answer every question, they were so very encouraging and they were joyful!  There were so many smiles all week!  We received a lot of kits for completing many of the projects in our curriculum, which was an added bonus. In short, the materials, instructors, education and camaraderie were all top notch.

The best part of the Martha Pullen Licensing program is that I can use the class materials to share the knowledge I learned. I didn’t take the classes with the idea of teaching immediately but I would love to teach sewing sometime once the children are older. The materials I received will help simplify that process if the time comes. If I never teach a class, I will not regret one moment of my time spent with the Martha Pullen Licensing program. I use the techniques I learned every time I sew and I made great friends along the way.

I highly encourage anyone who has considered taking these classes to sign up! You will be so glad you did!

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The Teaching Beginning Sewing course videos are taught by Kathy McMakin, Connie Palmer, Alicia Welcher, Patty Smith and Martha Pullen. You won’t need to create all of the projects to receive your Martha Pullen teacher’s license at the end of the course, but you will need to complete the eight required projects. In addition to all the projects, you’ll also get Martha’s Beginning Sewing Notebook (a terrific resource for techniques), a video featuring business ideas from Martha Pullen and more. During the course, we will be available to answer any questions you might have about projects, patterns, techniques and teaching methods.

Click here to learn more and register for Teaching Beginning Sewing.

Happy Sewing!
The Martha Pullen Team


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