Preview Our New ‘Women’s Shirts’ Online Course with Cynthia Guffey!

cynthia guffey

Cynthia Guffey

Our Martha Pullen team recently spent some time in Cincinnati taping some new online courses, and we’re so excited to share them with you! Registration just opened for the first course, Women’s Shirts: The Best of Everything with Cynthia Guffey.

Cynthia has been one of the most popular teachers at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo for years, and we’ve had the pleasure of having her teach classes at our recent School of Art Fashion Boutique events, too. (Be sure to read the Q&A with Cynthia on our blog to learn much more about her!) She is a master of pattern style and design, and she’s sharing her ‘everyday couture’ sewing practices and innovative design options in this new online course. You’ll learn how to sew women’s shirts as Cynthia teaches you more about sewing construction than you could ever imagine.

cynthia guffey

Cynthia’s Shirt and Standard Shirt

During this 8-part online course, you’ll follow along as Cynthia constructs two different women’s shirts. The first shirt is a standard women’s shirt pattern with a shirt-tail hem, breast pocket, collar on a stand and long, cuffed sleeves. The second is her own design (pattern included for you in the course), into which she’s put detailed attention into designing for better style and fit. It features a straight hem with length options; front pockets lowered to the hipline for ease of use and a more flattering look; sleeves cut with the back of the arm on the bias, adding to comfort and movement; slot buttonholes, created as part of the seamline; a hidden placket option; a perfectly curved, flattering collar on a band and much more. She’ll share options, too: three different sleeve plackets and a variety of pocket styles and applications.

You will learn so many techniques during this course that you’ll be using in your sewing for years to come. You’ll discover how directional stitching influences the look and feel of your finished shirt, master topstitching and edge stitching and learn how to use your machine stitch settings and accessory feet for best results. You’ll learn how to construct the perfect collar by confidently and smoothly joining convex curves to concave curves (i.e. at the neckline) without guesswork to eliminate bulk, puckers and fussing. You’ll learn how to create bulk-free, ‘pointy’ points and crisp corners for collars, bands, cuffs and hems. You’ll learn all about grainline, master dart construction and so much more.

cynthia guffey

Learn ‘everyday couture’ techniques

Throughout the course you can post questions to Cynthia in the discussion board and share photos of your projects in the gallery.

I invite you to join us for this course beginning Sept. 26. Click here to learn more and register for Women’s Shirts: The Best of Everything with Cynthia Guffey!

We’re also gearing up for our next live event: our School of Art Fashion Boutique in Fredericksburg, Va Sept. 26-28. You can choose from five great sewing schools at the event, including our Serger III Licensing EXPRESS taught by me and Alicia Welcher. You can also join Connie Palmer for her Little Red Coat class to make a precious coat for your little girl and a matching coat for an 18-inch doll!

We pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way, and for all of you.

Much Love to You All & May God Bless,
Kathy McMakin

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