Pleating, Smocking & Caring for Silk Dupioni


Left: “Envy” by Susan O’Connor (AS&E #75), Right: “Tea Rose” by Kris Richards (AS&E #80)

Sewing Christmas garments for children brings so much joy to the sewing room this time of year. Don’t we all love seeing our children and grandchildren dressed up in the special outfits we make? Of course, special occasion garments call for specialty fabrics, and you can never go wrong with silk dupioni, or dupion as it is sometimes called. Silk dupioni is a wonderful fabric choice for special occasion smocked dresses and other garments, as full skirts and puffed sleeves made from such a crisp fabric hold their shape beautifully.

I ran across some wonderful tips in issue 75 of Australian Smocking & Embroidery for pleating, smocking and caring for silk dupioni garments – one tip states that to retain the wonderful crispness, this fabric should never be washed, only dry cleaned and it should only be pressed with a dry iron. Here are a couple more great tips the article shared on working with this fabric:

• Dupion is easy to smock but can be a little challenging to pleat. As it frays very readily, it is a good idea to neaten all cut edges with a machine zigzag or overlock stitch. Interfacing the back of the area to be pleated with a good quality woven, fusible interfacing, adds body to the pleats and stops them from forming knife creases. It also helps to pull the fabric off the pleater. Don’t let it flatten out or you may find it difficult to guide back into even creases. Most embroidery threads can be used on dupion but stranded silk is perfect as it has the same fiber content and care requirements as the fabric.

• Silk is a specialty fabric and does require special care. Garments should be cleaned after wearing, even if no marks are visible. Perspiration, in particular, causes discoloration over time and can ruin a silk garment. Colored silk is light sensitive so it should be stored away from both natural and artificial light to avoid fading. As it is a natural fiber it should never be sealed in plastic as the natural moisture content can cause mildew and odors. Despite these things, silk remains one of the most appealing fabrics available today. No other fiber takes color as well and silk seems to glow with an intensity that is unmatched. It has a smooth, warm touch that is both alluring and comforting.

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