October IEC: Martha’s Favorite Designs

October 2017 Monthly Designs: Martha’s Favorites

Martha Pullen loves beautiful heirloom embroidery designs, and this monthly collection includes some of the best of the best. The collection includes three machine embroidery designs — a doily, a teapot and a cornflower — perfect for adding a special touch to your projects. Use these elegant designs to embroider gifts and keepsakes like linens, tea towels, handkerchiefs and more. The doily and cornflower fit 4×4 hoops while the teapot fits 5×7 hoops. The cornflower design also features optional wing-needle fill.

A wing needle or a size 100 or 110 top-stitching needle can be used with a light-weight (60 or 80 weight) thread to obtain the delicate wing-needle fill in the cornflower design. After stitching the center wing-needle work area; change the needle back to a #75/80 embroidery needle for the remainder of the design.

The exact sizes for these designs are as follows:
Doily 4×4 = 3.35 x 3.54 inches
Teapot 5×7 = 4.97 x 6.33 inches
Cornflower 4×4 = 3.94 x 3.91 inches

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