How to Miter Lace Points


The simplest steps can often mean the difference between so-so sewing and a spectacular heirloom. In this tutorial from issue #152 of Sew Beautiful, Patty Smith shares her easy method for successfully mitering lace points. The technique is shown here on portrait dresses Patty made for Martha Pullen’s granddaughters using Judith Dobson’s classic Heirloom Tea Dress pattern. Use Patty’s method anywhere you want to use mitered lace points — it will result in a beautifully finished product every time:


Fig. 1

1. Trace lace miter lines onto sleeve pattern using a wash-away marking pen (fig. 1).

2. Place on lace-shaping board. Cut a piece of lace long enough to follow shape plus 2 inches.

3. Leave 1 inch hanging off of fabric as you start to shape lace miter. Outer edge of lace will be on edge of cut fabric on drawn line on sleeve.

4. Place a pin at an angle at point A. Fold lace back on itself (fig. 2a).


Fig. 2a (left) and Fig. 2b (right)

5. Flip lace back over to follow opposite direction of point. Lace will form fold at miter. Place a pin at point B (fig. 2b). Continue to miter lace pattern until completed.

6. Lightly spray starch. Cover with a press cloth and press until dry.

7. Re-pin inside edge of lace and fabric so it can be removed from board.

8. Using 80 weight fine sewing machine thread and a 70 universal needle, stitch mitered lace insertion onto sleeve with a zigzag stitch (fig. 3). OPTIONAL: Place a tear-away stabilizer behind lace, use a 110 needle and select pin stitch option; stitch over previous zigzag stitches.


Fig. 3

9. Trim lace from behind fabric.

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Much Love to You All & May God Bless,
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