Master These Core Embroidery Skills


Learning how to machine embroider can feel overwhelming for beginners. With the different types of threads and needles and stabilizers and hoops, how do you know what to use? For our newest online course, we want to take the mystery out of machine embroidery for you. Core Embroidery Skills: A Four-Part Series with Katie Bartz will teach you about threads, needles, stabilizers and hooping techniques before moving on to special effects embroidery. Then, you’ll finish up with a project that puts your new skills into play!

If you’ve had the pleasure of taking one of Katie’s courses with us in-person or online, you’re no doubt a fan of her warm and encouraging teaching style. She’s great at explaining and demonstrating things in a way that makes learning easy and FUN. This course is perfect for true machine embroidery beginners or experienced embroiders who want to sharpen their skills. Let’s take a closer look:


Needles and Threads
The course starts at the very beginning — with your needle and thread. Learn about the sizes and styles of each, and how they affect each other and your stitching. Katie will show you how to avoid common problems like skipped stitches, frayed or breaking threads and puckers. You’ll develop confidence in selecting the right needle and thread for each and every project you create.


Hooping and Stabilizing
Next, eliminate your confusion and fear of hooping and stabilizing so you can start the fun of embroidering! Katie will help you understand stabilizers and hooping and how they relate to each other. Learn to confidently choose which stabilizer to use; decide when to hoop and when not to hoop; and get your projects centered for embroidery. Katie explores the three most popular hooping projects (quilt blocks, towels and T-shirts) and guides you through their successful completion. The skills learned will form the foundation you need for future embroidery projects.


Special Effects and Beading by Machine
In part three, begin an exploration of special effects embroidery! Explore how to take your embroidery projects up a notch by using specialized techniques like embossing, appliqué, 3D appliqué and free-standing lace embroidery. And you’ll love learning Katie’s beading by machine technique! Katie will guide you through examples of each and share her expert tips for success.


Applique Zip Pouch
Finally, put your embroidery skills to use while you create a super-useful appliquéd zipper pouch! Created using the appliqué embroidery technique on your machine, this cute pouch is a fun and easy project to make for yourself or as a quick gift. You’ll discover the ins and outs of machine applique embroidery, see how quilting by machine takes even the simplest project up a notch, learn to work with pet screening and duck canvas and … insert a zipper the easy way!

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have all the basic embroidery skills you need to move on to more advanced projects with ease. Katie’s guidance, invaluable tips, calm show-and-tell style and easy explanations will take you to a new level of understanding, whether you’re new to embroidery or you’re a seasoned veteran searching for new embroidery habits and ideas.

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Happy Sewing!

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