March IEC: Woodland Floral Coordinates


March 2017 Internet Embroidery Club Designs: Woodland Floral Coordinates

We have a special treat for Internet Embroidery Club members this month: a new collection of embroidery designs that coordinate with the Woodland Floral Alphabet from the 2017 IEC. Included in this collection is a floral bird, rabbit, clover, pineapple and rooster in both one-color and multi-color formats.

Pair these motifs with letters from the Woodland Floral Alphabet or use them by themselves. They’ll make a beautiful addition to all kinds of home decor projects this spring and beyond.

Here are the sizes for these machine embroidery designs:
Bird: 1-Color = 5.16 x 5.96 inches
Rabbit: 1-Color = 3.74 x 7.28 inches
Clover: 1-Color = 5.00 x 5.77 inches
Pineapple: 1-Color = 3.83 x 7.64 inches
Rooster: 1-Color = 4.24 x 5.91 inches
Bird: Multi-Color = 5.15 x 5.93 inches
Rabbit: Multi-Color = 3.76 x 7.32 inches
Clover: Multi-Color = 5.06 x 5.83 inches
Pineapple: Multi-Color = 3.83 x 7.64 inches
Rooster: Multi-Color = 4.66 x 6.49 inches

Log in to your IEC account to download these new embroidery designs and start stitching.

Not a member of the 2017 IEC? Learn all about it and join today!

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