Machine Embroidery Napkin Creativity For Gary’s Birthday

At the recent Echidna Conference on the Gold Coast, it was Gary’s birthday. His staff had sent all 300 ladies a white napkin and asked them to embroider it for Gary’s birthday. They were told to do anything at all. Gary’s group had digitized their logo “Decorate your life with Embroidery” and sent it to each lady. The creativity that was expressed on those plain white napkins was unbelievable!! I want you to see many of them to give you ideas about your own embroidery. I think you will love it. Gary was thrilled. He received everything from a hat to wear to a sailboat picture. Enjoy seeing how these ladies created napkins and memories for a lifetime for Gary. As you can see I had the time of my life. Be sure you look at my four videos showcasing the whole trip.



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