Kathy and Amelia’s Threads Magazine Debut

We are so excited to announce Kathy and Amelia’s debut in Threads Magazine! Check out page 74 of the April/May 2010 issue to see their Master Class article on Mirror-Image Appliqué. As soon as our copy arrived the other day, we started looking over the issue page-by-page; here is a picture of Kathy and me, Shannon, reading over the cover (please ignore my messy desk)…

 …but let’s be honest, this picture is more like it! Can you hear the squeals of excitement?!

The article itself was a true joint effort between Kathy Barnard (SB Editor) and Amelia Johanson (SB Associate Editor). Judith Neukam, Threads Sr. Technical Editor, called Kathy last year and said she was watching Martha’s Sewing Room one night when the Mirror Image Madeira method with the wash-away thread was demonstrated. Judith wanted to know if someone from Sew Beautiful would be willing to write for their Master Class segment in Threads using this technique, but based on a non-heirloom, styled design. Amelia and Kathy love fashion sewing so much that they decided to assign themselves the project! Kathy designed the featured dress and prepared the instructional step-out photography, while Amelia stitched it up; they both wrote the instructions together.
Kathy says, “We hope we get to do another article for Threads sometime. Now I know what it is like to be excited about having an article in another magazine. It’s easy for me to publish a design or an article in SB because I am the editor, but when someone else chooses you, it becomes a real honor!”
If you don’t already have a subscription to Threads, please run out and pick up a copy to see Kathy and Amelia’s article! We hope you enjoy it, as well of the rest of their great April/May issue, and thanks again to Threads for the opportunity – we are honored.


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