Judy’s Embroidered Swirly Tree

I got the best surprise forwarded to me in my email inbox yesterday – SB reader Judy Gresham had sent us a picture of her version of my swirly tree embroidery from Issue #133! In my “Seasonal Swirls” article, we gave readers the hand embroidery template for this tree design (the original is pictured below). Judy put her own twist on the tree as a gift for her mother by adding a sweet red bird in the branches along with a partial poem by Whittier. Judy tells us:

I thought you might be interested in how I used your design. You will see I added a red bird (she loves birds and I thought it would make it pop the piece). I used overdyed yarn for my tree because I like the variations it provides and stitched on linen.

You can find the hand embroidery template for this tree on the pullout centerfold of Issue #133; back issues are available on our website. A machine embroidered version (pictured below) is also available on our website for purchase and download.
Judy, thank you so much for sharing your creation with us! It turned out beautifully.

Have you put your own twist on a project from SB? We want to see it! Send us pictures of your projects to blog@sewbeautifulmag.com.


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