Interview with Nancy Zieman + DIY Giveaway!

Interview with Nancy Zieman

We had the opportunity to have a Q & A with Nancy…

1.       In the Sewing industry, you have practically done it all – you’re a teacher, a TV personality, an author, a business woman who started her own notions company, a pattern designer, and a sewing tools and accessories designer. What has been most rewarding to you during your sewing-based career?

Hmm, that’s like asking which of my children I like best! All of the tasks listed above have been woven together to complete my career. If I must choose one element over the others, I would say that producing and hosting Sewing With Nancy has been the most unexpected and rewarding part of my professional life. The changes in the production and broadcasting from 1982 to the present have been exponential. It’s been challenging and rewarding keeping up with those changes. Plus, I have learned a great deal from my guests and like the challenge of presenting tips, techniques, and ideas in 26:45—26-minutes and 45-seconds! 

2.       As an expert in sewing construction, you’ve probably answered more how-to questions than you can count. What are the most common questions you field from viewers and students learning how to sew?

I recently did a blog survey, asking what techniques newbie and seasoned stitchers wanted to learn. To my surprise, inserting an Invisible Zipper was #1! Fitting patterns was a close second and quilting binding was #3.

3.       What are your three favorite sewing tools and why?

 These notions are basic—I use them every time I sew or quilt: 

  •  5-in-1 Hem Gauge—I am constantly measuring. It’s always close at hand.  
  • Magnetic Pin Caddy or Cushion—I have, hmm, four in my home sewing studio. I would hate to count how many we have at our work studio. A gal can never have too many! 
  • A quality 8″ shears or scissors. I like to cut with the best! A friend gave me a tip to store my best shears in a box marked “Chicken Livers!” Her family never opens that box when looking to cut paper, hair, or wire!

4.       What is your favorite sewing genre (quilting, clothing construction, home dec, design, etc.) and why? 

That’s another difficult question. I’m a multi-tasker. I always have three—four projects going on at the same time. (Wish I could change my ways, but I think it’s too late!) Probably the only genre that I do less of is in the home décor category. Clothing, quilting, embroidery, and designing–I couldn’t choose!

5.       Being that sewing is your career, do you ever make time, or have time to sew for pleasure, and if so what do you make? 

I make Landscape Quilts just for fun. There’s no deadline, just enjoyment. 

6.       In your experience, how has social media affected the sewing industry? 

Sewing media has opening the door of sewing, quilting, and embroidery to a new group of creative spirits, especially striking a cord with the 20- and 30-something stitchers. This group of stitchers is learning entirely online. Got to love it!

Thanks to Nancy for talking to us!  

Now, we have a special sneak peek for you!  Nancy Zieman will be releasing a new book January 2013.  It is tentatively called Sew Knits with Confidence and will feature tips & techniques from sewing expert Nancy Zieman, for sewing a popular but tricky fabric.  

Below is a pattern that may be used in the book.  For today’s Design-It-Yourself Giveaway Challenge, using this pattern, go to Nancy’s Notions and choose which knits you would use.  List those items in a comment below.  Remember, be creative and specific because one fan will win the fabric for herself!

*Total not to exceed $200*


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