How to Stitch Beaded Picot Edging

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“Special Occasion” by Gail Doane – Gail has taught at many of our sewing events and her beautiful designs have been featured in Sew Beautiful, Australian Smocking & Embroidery and more.

This beautiful silk dress from Perfect Party Dresses was created by one of my favorite designers: Gail Doane. Made of white silk, it is perfect for special occasions; in fact, the name of the dress is “Special Occasion!” The full circle skirt and puffed sleeves are lined with silk organza and finished with a pleated trim of lime check, and the matching shaped smocked belt is decorated with bright gathered ribbon flowers. The neckline is trimmed with a beaded edging of tiny beaded picots – is that not just the sweetest and prettiest little stitching detail? Follow the steps below to recreate this gorgeous trim technique:

Construct dress before working edging. The sample used a No. 10 milliner’s needle and Mill Hill seed beads in the following colors: A = 00252 iris, B = 02031 citron, C = 02082 opal hyacinth) Work edge using B for outer beads and alternating A and C at center.


1. Using a water-soluble fabric marker, mark tiny dots at 1/4-inch (5mm) intervals along the edge to be beaded.

2. Secure the thread by taking it to the binding edge at the first mark, between the lining and the outer fabric.


3. Slip on three beads (B, A or C, B). Take the needle back through the binding edge, two beads width away. This ensures that the center bead sits above the side beads.

4. Slide the needle through the seam to the next marked dot and emerge. Attach the beads in the same manner, forming the next picot.


5. Continue working the picot edging.

The full pattern (sizes 6, 7 and 8 years) and instructions for “Special Occasion” are included in Perfect Party Dresses. This book by Susan O’Connor is full of great patterns for special occasions and wonderful techniques – and it is now 30 percent off as part of our Top Products of 2014 Sale! Some of the other top products include Sewing for a Royal Baby and great DVDs like Beginning Heirloom Sewing by Machine with Martha Pullen and Bishop Dress Construction with Connie Palmer.

We pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way, and for all of you.

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