How to Sew Bag Straps

From constructing children’s garments to ladies’ clothing to home décor items to accessories, Connie Palmer is a master of it all. With as many projects she has designed for Martha Pullen books, magazines, events and DVDs over the years, we would be hard pressed to pick a favorite! From the “Royal Netting Christening Gown” reproduction in our Sewing for a Royal Baby book to popular dress patterns like “Marjorie” and “Ella,” her construction techniques are nothing short of exquisite. We recently released a special “best of” compilation of Connie’s instructional DVDs, and to celebrate we’d like to share a technique with you from one of the DVDs included in the set, Snap! N-Go Bags.

This tutorial is for making straps for a ladies’ handbag, a technique that is fun, quick and easy using Connie’s method. To make the straps you will need two pieces of fabric 4-1/2 x 31-1/2 inches and four pieces of batting 1 x 25-1/2 inches. All seams are 1/4 inch unless otherwise noted.

1. Fold straps in half lengthwise wrong sides together and press.

2. Open straps and fold each side to center fold and press (photo 1). Open the strip completely and place a batting strip between the fold lines as shown. Each strap will have two layers of batting when complete. Make sure you leave 3 inches on each end void of batting (photo 2). Refold the long raw edges to the center (photo 3). Refold the strap in half and press closed. The strap now measures approximately 1-1/8-inch wide.


3. Topstitch both long edges of the straps. I used a serpentine stitch down the center but you could use several rows of straight stitches to quilt the straps (photo 4).

In addition to Snap! N-Go Bags, The Best from Connie Palmer Collection includes The Zig Zag Quilt, Bishop Dress Construction, Embroidery and Lace Pillow Sham and Notions You Can’t Sew Without DVDs.


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