How to Make a Wedding Garter

wedding garter

Special occasions call for special gifts, and nothing is more special than your wedding day. A traditional wedding garter is one gift that a bride can wear on her special day and then treasure as a keepsake. Wedding garters are incredibly easy to make, and with luxurious materials, you can quickly create a custom-designed garter that’s worthy of heirloom status. Follow the Sew Beautiful tutorial below to create a lovely lace ruffle wedding garter — make one for the bride to keep and one to throw!

You will need:
• Two strips of 5/8″, 3/4″, or 1″ wide silk satin ribbon measuring one and a half times the bride’s thigh measurement
• One strip of lace edging equal in length to one strip of ribbon (any width desired)
• A decorative button, beads, a broche or extra ribbon for bow etc. for embellishment
• Elastic to fit thigh snug, but not too snug
• 80 wt thread for attaching lace
• 50 wt thread for construction
• Size 65 machine needle

1. But and zigzag flat lace, header to header, to edge of one strip of ribbon.

wedding garter

2. Seam ribbon and lace ends. Trim to 1/8″ and finish seam edge.


wedding garter

3. Seam together end of remaining ribbon.

wedding garter

4. Place lining ribbon inside ribbon/lace piece with wrong sides together and stitch top edge along header edges. Stitch bottom header edges together leaving a 1″ opening for elastic.

wedding garter

5. Run elastic through ribbon channel. Overlap elastic ends and stitch together. Push elastic inside ribbon and stretch ribbon flat to stitch the opening.

6. Hand tack embellishments as desired.

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