How to Apply a Hanging Snap with Cynthia Guffey

Cynthia Guffey

Watch the video below to learn this neat sewing trick!

One of the joys of sewing is being able to share helpful tips and tricks with our fellow sewists! Our friend Cynthia Guffey, a wonderful sewing instructor who teaches classes both for our live and online Martha Pullen Co. events, recently shared a great tip with us for applying a hanging snap.

“When I have a back neck zipper, at the top, there’s no way you can get that zipper exactly tight right up to the neck edge,” Cynthia explained. “So, I back it down a little bit and leave room for a snap. Not a hook-and-eye, but a snap. It’s a hanging snap!” Watch and learn Cynthia’s process on the video tutorial:


Learn many more of Cynthia Guffey’s helpful sewing tips during her new online course, Everyday Couture: The Go-To Jacket. Cynthia is famous for her closely fitted, set-in sleeve jackets. Very classic, very elegant. However, with more casual lifestyles eliminating the need for too many of those in our closets, and in her quest to create easier-to-fit styles, she’s explored jackets with a looser fit, to create a new collection of styles.

“Join me in this robust online course as we make two different versions of my loosely fitting jackets,” Cynthia said. “You will see every part of the jacket constructed. And you’ll discover my fool-proof system for every process, taking the guesswork out of sewing. I’ll show you how to easily bring multiple seams together for a perfect match, using a system that doesn’t create bulk. I’ll share how to master the pivot points and achieve precise top and edge stitching. We’ll cover everything – and I mean everything – and you’ll have a successfully completed garment by the end.”

These newest jackets have a very simple fitting process for length and circumference – one vertical and one horizontal fitting line for each design’s sizing, which Cynthia demonstrates at the beginning of the course. That the patterns have been created for B, C, D and E cup sizes makes fitting one of these jackets even more of a breeze. The jacket pattern PDF is included with the course.

Cynthia Guffey

New online course with Cynthia Guffey! Everyday Couture: The Go-To Jacket

Students in this online course will also receive a bonus course video: Cynthia’s Seven Core Sewing Skills. Cynthia has taught this comprehensive course live at Original Sewing & Quilt EXPO events across the country to record audiences. If you’ve taken classes with Cynthia before, you may already be using these methods. If not, you’ll want to watch the Seven Core Sewing Skills video first. The techniques and methods – Cynthia’s system for couture-level construction – will help you at every step, in every project you sew!

Click here to learn more and register for Everyday Couture: The Go-To Jacket.

Want to take a class with Cynthia in person? Cynthia regularly teaches a number of great classes at the Original Sewing & Quilt EXPO. Registration is open for the next EXPO, happening in Raleigh, NC this July.

Happy Sewing!
The Martha Pullen Team

2 thoughts on “How to Apply a Hanging Snap with Cynthia Guffey

  1. Karen Slininger

    thanks for this tip – especially the part of putting a pin in the center of snap to hold it.
    I’ve been struggling for years trying to hold those little buggers in place!

  2. Virginia Jones

    That is so neat. I’ve been sewing for 70 years and have never seen this done.


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