Hand Embroidery Tutorial: Fly Stitch


Decorative hand embroidery stitches can add such a special touch to our projects. This week, I’d like to share a tutorial for embroidering the fly stitch. The fly stitch can be worked in embroidery floss or silk ribbon. It’s named for its insect-like shape, however, it’s most often used to cradle rosebuds and flowers and to create vines, leaves and even birds and butterflies. To make one, simply make an open lazy daisy with an extended anchor:

fly stitch

1. Bring the needle to the surface at point A and insert it on the opposite side into point B.

2. Take a stitch at an angle coming back up at point C, (below and between point A and B) keeping the ribbon behind the needle (fig.1).

3. Pull the needle through and anchor the loop a short distance below point C into point D (fig. 2). Finished fly stitch shown in figure 3. Continuous fly stitch shown in figure 4.

fly stitch

Click here to watch a video tutorial for the fly stitch, courtesy of our sister needlework company Sew and So.

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Much Love to You All & May God Bless,

Kathy McMakin

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