Free Pattern: Make this Cute Easter Bunny Purse!

free pattern easter bunny purse

Have you ever seen anything as precious as this lace and ribbon Easter Bunny purse? This darling accessory designed by JoAnn Hearn made its first appearance in issue #93 of Sew Beautiful. The original bunny face was hand embroidered, which inspired us to digitize the face so you can machine embroider it in half the time. Our free tutorial below includes the purse pattern, instructions and machine embroidery design in multiple file formats, so you can get started right away on making this sweet Easter keepsake!

free pattern easter bunny purse

What You Need:
Purse pattern

• Bunny embroidery (choose your file format):


• 1/2 yd fabric of choice (Batiste was used on sample, but broadcloth or piqué would also make up nicely.)

• 28 inches of 1-inch-wide silk satin ribbon for purse strap
• 2 yards of 1/2-inch-wide silk satin ribbon for casings
• 2-1/2 yds of 5/8-inch-wide French lace edging

Rayon Embroidery Thread
#1001 – white
#1108 – pink
#1128 – tan
#1222 – blue

• White pompom for tail
• Fine 80 wt heirloom sewing thread
• Wing needle for entredeux stitch or pinstitch work

1. Cut two blocks 10 x 12 inches for front.

2. Cut two blocks 8 x 10 inches for back.

3. Trace pattern outline of front onto one 10 x 12 inch block. Mark center for face embroidery and hoop with tear-away stabilizer.

4. Embroider face, changing colors as prompted.

free pattern easter bunny purse

5. Place stabilizer under ears ection and set machine for a satin stitch (no hoop required). Satin stitch outline of ear using pink thread (fig. 1).

6. Remove all stabilizer.

7. Place remaining 10 x 12 inch block under embroidered block and set machine for an entredeux stitch or a pinstitch using a wing needle and 80 wt heirloom sewing thread. Stitch around bunny face pattern lines through both layers, skipping casing area. Stitch across casing lines using a straight stitch (fig. 2).

8. Trace purse back pattern to one 8 x10 inch block. Place remaining block underneath and entredeux stitch or pinstitch along pattern outline, skipping casing area. Stitch across casing lines using a straight stitch (fig. 3).

free pattern easter bunny purse

9. Cut out front and back close to stitching leaving 1/2-inch extensions at casing area (fig. 4).

10. Tuck 1/2-inch extensions to inside casing, folding once 1/4 inch and then again 1/4 inch and hand whip to secure (fig. 5).

11. Cut an 18-inch piece of lace edging and gather by pulling a header thread. Butt gathered lace to top back edge and zigzag stitch to entredeux or pinstitched edge (fig. 6).

free pattern easter bunny purse

12. Gather remaining lace edging to outer edge of front bunny face and ears zigzag to entredeux or pinstitched edge skipping over casing opening (fig. 7).

13. Place back to front and zigzag together over lace edging join, skipping casing opening. (fig. 8).

14. Tack 1-inch ribbon ends to inside back for purse strap.

15. Run 1/2-inch ribbon through casings and tie in a bow on each side (fig. 9).

16. Tack stitch pompom on center of purse lack for bunny’s tail.

17. Fill your purse with goodies for a big surprise on Sunday morning!

Click here for a printer-friendly PDF of this project.

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