February IEC: Easter Embroidery Designs

Easter embroidery

February 2017 IEC: Easter embroidery designs

Internet Embroidery Club members, your February designs have arrived! Stitch up the sweetest children’s garments and home decor projects with these Easter embroidery designs. This February 2017 monthly collection includes chicks, eggs, an Easter basket and a bow. Two of the designs (the Easter basket and bow) feature optional wing-needle fill. A wing needle or size 100 or 110 top-stitching needle can be used with a light-weight (60 or 80 weight) thread to obtain the delicate wing-needle fill in the design. After stitching the center wing-needle work area, change the needle back to a #75/80 embroidery needle and continue stitching.

Here are the sizes for these Easter embroidery designs:
Chicks 5×7 = 1.46 x 6.32 inches
Eggs 5×7 = 1.29 x 6.31 inches
Easter Basket 4×4 = 3.57 x 3.55 inches
Bow 4×4 = 2.83 x 3.55 inches

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