Fancy Tiger Crafts – Denver, CO

In the newest issue of Sew Beautiful (#132), we took you inside a fabulous Atlanta-based sewing lounge, Whipstitch. Today, we’re taking you across the country to another unique hotspot for the sewing and crafting community – Fancy Tiger in Denver, Colorado.

Ironically, two members of our staff visited Fancy Tiger while on separate trips to Denver over this past summer, and both returned raving about what a cool place it was. We’ve assembled a handful of pictures from the shop (which also offers many classes and community events) to take you there on a virtual trip.

Located in the Baker neighborhood, the oldest community in Denver, Fancy Tiger is a DIY boutique that showcases designer fabrics, patterns, sewing and craft supplies, beautiful yarns, and more. It also hosts a full calendar of fun and interesting industry events and boasts a diverse class schedule.

We hope you enjoyed our quick peek into this great sewing spot! Keep up with the happenings at Fancy Tiger Crafts on their blog and get a full class schedule on their website.


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