Expand Your Wardrobe with Missy Billingsley

Missy Billingsley

Want to expand your wardrobe as you learn how to create a stunning blouse and jacket? You can with our new online course series with Missy Billingsley! Missy’s Jacket and Blouse: A Two-Part Series is designed to teach you a variety of serger and sewing machine techniques that you can use on garments and more.

Let’s take a closer look at the two courses:

Missy’s Jacket: Turning Ordinary into Exceptional

Missy is known for her fabulous jackets, and the one you’ll create with this course is no exception. The fun design combines linen-blend fabric and machine techniques. The best part? You’ll have lots of design options so you can create a jacket that’s uniquely you. You can use the pattern included with the course OR your own favorite jacket pattern. Missy will teach you all about modifications to the pattern as well as cutting and marking needed before stitching. Then the fun continues as Missy provides all the tips necessary for a smooth outcome using several different machine embroidery designs.

“In the jacket course, we’re going to start with some serger work,” Missy said. “We’re going to do coverstitch pintucks, we’re going to do some decorative chain stitching, and we’re going to use one of my favorite attachments which is the belt loop binder, the 3-quarter inch. And then we’ll move into some embroidery techniques and I’ll show you how to make mini-piping—there’s lots of mini-piping embellishments in the jacket—then we’ll finish up with the fun construction. There’s lots of fun techniques in this jacket.”

Missy’s Jacket

Missy’s Blouse: Heirloom Effects by Serger

The beautiful heirloom blouse you’ll make in this course is created entirely on your serger! Incorporating serger functions with beautiful heirloom trims and linen fabric, Missy’s blouse is a versatile design that is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. Starting with a simple blouse pattern, Missy’s modifications allow you to skip closures of any type, and her clear instructions help increase serger proficiency, confidence and creativity. Stitch beautiful pintucks and add bridging to both fabric and embroidered insertions as you assemble your blouse front. Or, you can opt for a version with an embroidered panel in place of some of the embellishments. Trimmed sleeve hems and an easy bias neckband finish the blouse beautifully.

“The blouse that you’re going to be making in this course is one of my favorites,” Missy said. “I created it several years ago for a class and the blouse is the perfect serger construction blouse because there’s embroidered insertions, there’s bridging and there’s pintucks. If you’re ever wanting to learn about heirloom sewing by serger, then this would be the perfect course.”

Missy’s Blouse

Click here to learn more and register for Missy’s Jacket and Blouse: A Two-Part Series.

Want to take the two courses separately? Follow the links below for the individual courses:

Happy Serging!

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