Embroidering Baby Knits by Hand


Sleepy Sheep Hand Embroidery

Can a baby ever have too many soft-and-cuddly knits? From daygowns and onesies to bonnets and bibs, there are so many great and practical items to make for baby’s everyday wear. Whether you choose to make your own (they sew up in a flash on your serger!) or purchase ready-made knits, it’s always fun to make them special with embroidery or other embellishments. This “Sleepy Sheep” hand embroidery design is such a sweet choice for embellishment, and below I’ve included the template and stitch key. Introduced in issue #104 of Sew Beautiful, this is a hand version of one of Angela Atherton’s designs featured on our “Ultimate Baby Layette” machine embroidery set.

Note: You might want to add a bit of fusible interfacing (for knits) to the wrong side of the garment to give a more stable embroidery area. Once the embroidery is complete you can also add a second layer of fusible interfacing to the back side of the embroidered area to hide woven thread tails, small knots, etc. On baby clothing, we use a piece of fusible interfacing on the back of machine embroidery all the time to avoid any skin irritation on baby’s delicate skin. Although hand embroidery does not create the same roughness, it can be used on the back side of hand embroidery as well.


Sleepy Sheep Template – Note: To save to your computer, simply right click and choose “Save Image As” from the menu. Or, on a Mac, control-click and “Save Image As” – You can then print the design from your computer and trace for hand embroidery.

Sleepy Sheep Stitch Key

Gray Floche #415 –
• Hoofs, mouth, & eyes, one strand, straight stitch
• Face & ear line, one strand, backstitch

White DMC #B5200 –
• Sheep body, one strand, stem stitch
• Head & tail, two strands, French knots (two-three wraps)

Pink DMC #963 –
• Ear & Bow, one strand, satin stitch
• Single flower buds & bush buds, two strands, French knots (two wraps)
• Corsets flowers, one strand, French knots (two wraps)
• Butterfly wings, two strands, bullion loops 14 wraps (When making bullion wings, space about two or three strands of fabric fibers between beginning and end of bullion)

Green DMC #369 –
• Grass mounds, one strand, stem stitch
• Bush leaves and grass blades, one strand, straight stitch
• Corset leaves, one strand, lazy daisy stitch
• Butterfly body, two strands, bullion stitch about 17 wraps
• Antenna, one strand, straight stitch with a French knot (pistil stitch) (one wrap)

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