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Today is our first 
Giveaway Challenge!  

Here is how it works: 
Below is a supply list and FREE instructions on how to make a project.  We want YOU to tell us what products from the Martha Pullen Online Store you would use on your supply list to create this piece.  Be as specific as possible because at the end of the week, one lucky person will win all the materials they listed so they can make this project!  Leave your answers in a comment below.

From Precious Baby Daygowns:

Round Yoke Collection

NOTE: Please read through all 

directions before beginning. 

Supplies (as listed in book)
1/3 yard lavender mini check gingham (60″ wide)
2-1/4 yards 5/8″-wide edging lace
Light purple decorative machine 

embroidery thread

One white plastic child’s hanger
Sewing machine with embroidery 


White lightweight thread for 


Lightweight tear-away or water-soluble stabilizer for machine embroidery
Basic Sewing Supplies

Check purchased hanger for fit and adjust 
pattern as needed.

Embroidery Designs
The machine embroidery on this project may be created using one of your machine’s lettering selections or using Monogram Wizard software, available from Martha Pullen Company. The selected design measures 1-9/16″ x 3-7/16″.

If you prefer to embroider the hanger by hand, write the chosen name in script and complete the embroidery using a stem stitch. Refer to the Stitch Library on page 116 for hand embroidery instructions and illustrations.

Trace a full pattern piece onto tissue paper and transfer all necessary markings. 

From lavender gingham, cut the following:
One Hanger Cover for back
One rectangle 8″ x 16″ for embroidered front
One ruffle strip 1-5/8″ x 2 yards (strip may be pieced)

From edging lace, cut a 5″ strip for the top opening of the hanger cover.


1. Fold the 16″ x 8″ gingham rectangle in half vertically and horizontally. Mark the center of the rectangle (Fig. 1).
2. Trace Hanger Cover on rectangle, centering marks. Mark 1/2″ seam allowances inside previous tracing. Your embroidery design must fit inside the seam allowance markings (Fig. 2).

3. Choose a font and letters using monogramming software or built-in embroidery machine font. If you are not sure if your design will fit in the area provided, make a template prior to embroidering the gingham fabric. Refer to the technique, Creating an Embroidery Template. NOTE: If your machine does not have embroidery capabilities, hand embroider the design of your choice or write the name in script with a wash away pen and hand 


4. Stabilize, hoop, and embroider the design referring to your embroidery machine manual.
5. Remove stabilizer and press gingham on wrong side on a padded surface.
6. Retrace Hanger Cover on rectangle, if necessary, centering embroidered design, and cut (Fig. 3).

1. Right sides together, sew hanger cover front to back on one side only with a 1/2″ seam (Fig. 4). 

Press seam allowance open.
2. Pull the uppermost heading from a 5″ strip of edging lace and refer to Machine Heirloom Techniques, Lace to Fabric to stitch the lace to the hanger top, adjusting gathers to fit.
3. Refer to Machine Heirloom Techniques, Lace to Fabric, and stitch the remaining edging lace to one long edge of the gingham ruffle strip.
4. Straight stitch (L=5.0) 3/8″ from unfinished long edge of ruffle strip and again 5/8″ from un-

finished edge.

5. Pull gathers up to fit ruffle strip to lower edge of hanger cover (Fig. 5).

6. With right sides together, stitch ruffle strip to lower edge of hanger cover (L=2.5) with 1/2″ seam. Trim seam allowance to 1/4″. Zigzag, overcast or serge stitch seam allowance. Press ruffle away from hanger cover.
7. Right sides together, stitch hanger cover front to back on remaining side, catching lace and ruffle strip in stitching (Fig. 6). 

Turn and press. Insert hanger. 
Now, comment below what YOU would use in your supply list from Martha’s Online Store!

*Total not to exceed $200*


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