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Wearing new holiday “jammies” on Christmas Eve is a long-standing tradition for many families. This year, why not forego the store-bought PJs and gather up some cute Christmas prints to create your own? The festive pajamas shown here were designed by Karen Faylor and featured in our November/December 2010 issue of Sew Beautiful magazine. Choose your own pajama patterns — the patterns show in the sample are from Karen Faylor Company. Below you’ll find Karen’s colorful smocking plate and mitten-shaped pockets and appliqué designs for embellishing!

Click here to download the PDF including the smocking graph and pocket and appliqué patterns.


Colorful smocking – click for full-size graph

Smocking Plate
• Pleat 11 whole space rows.
• Top and bottom row are holding rows indicated by H on the graph. Row 1 begins on second guide thread row.
• Use 3 strands of floss throughout.

1. Cable across Row 1 in blue, Turn work and mirror image a second cable row below it so the up cable of the first row meets the down cable of the second row. Repeat across Row 2.

2. Work a one-step wave between Rows 2-1/2 and 3 in green floss, top cables will touch previous row.

3. Work a one-step wave in yellow floss between Rows 3 and 3-1/2. Work another wave on same row in light blue floss crossing over yellow trellis stitches. Repeat between Rows 3-1/2 and 4.

4. Repeat a row of one-step waves in green between Rows 4 and 4-1/2.

5. Stitch a double cable row, as in step 1, in red floss between Rows 4-1/2 and 5.

6. Repeat red double cable row on Row 6.

7. With blue floss, stitch a twostep wave between Rows 6-1/2 and 7 beginning with an up cable in the center.

8. Repeat two-step wave in mirror image to form diamonds between Rows 7 and 7-1/2.

9. Stitch a single cable row across Row 8 in green floss. Stitch a three-cable combination above and below cable row to form florets as graphed.

10. Repeat cable and florets in light blue floss on Row 9.

11. Add six-cable florets between cable Rows 1 and 2 in yellow floss spacing them 8 pleats apart.

12. Repeat six cable florets in diamonds on Row 7 in a pattern of red, blue, green, and yellow.

13. Stitch snowflakes between red cable Rows 5 and 6 with a satin stitch center over two pleats and straight stitches as graphed.

christmas pajama

Mitten pocket (left) and mitten applique

Mitten Pocket
Stitch one pocket and one pocket lining together like a tiny pillow with right sides together and leave a small opening at the top straight edge. Notch curves and clip corner at thumb. Turn and press. Hand stitch opening closed with a blind stitch or top stitch close to edge. Apply to garment with a top stitch around outer edges.

Mitten Appliqué 
Trace appliqué to Steam A Seam II®. Fuse to wrong side of appliqué fabric. Cut out mittens and fuse to garment right side up. Hand stitch a buttonhole stitch around the edge with blue floss, or machine satin stitch if you prefer.

Inspired yet? Don’t forget to download the project PDF here.

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Much Love to You All & May God Bless,
Kathy McMakin


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