Celebrating Sergers: All the Techniques!


Gather with a cover stitch, create narrow rolled hem ruffled edges and more on the Sweet Serger Sundress.  Plus: master the shell stitch, create embellishments with Kari Mecca’s Whimsy Sticks and more.

Our Celebrating Sergers: Tricks, Trends, Technique and Tradition online licensing recently kicked off, and we’d love to have you join us for all the fun! We’ve talked a lot about the 30+ projects included in this course curriculum, and today we’d like to tell you more about another great aspect of this online licensing course: all the techniques you’ll learn! With help from step-by-step video tutorials taught by course instructors Kathy McMakin, Connie Palmer, Missy Billingsley, Alicia Welcher and Pam Mahshie, you’ll master so many wonderful serger techniques during this course.

We’ll begin with a helpful guide on getting to know your serger along with general serger stitch instructions. We’ll go over all the basic techniques that you’ll use over and over again in the projects — everything from beginning and ending a seam, to serger curves and corners. Of course, we’ll teach you all our tried and true methods for basic heirloom sewing by serger, and we’ll review things like cover and chain stitch techniques and helpful notions. Then, we’ll move on to many more great techniques for sergers, including:


Gathering: There are many ways to gather using your sewing machine or your serger. Speciality feet can also aid in gathering. We’ll show you many gathering techniques you can use in your projects.

Serging in the Round: These are wonderful techniques to know for anyone who owns a serger.

Flatlock: This is a great way for a serger to do decorative stitches! We are going to cover the ins and outs of flatlock so you can intergrate flatlock as an embellishment using both the ladder and loop sides of the stitch.

Belt Loop and Bias Binders: Belt Loop Binders are not only great for belt loops but are also used to create straps, drawstrings, decorative trim and purse handles. Double Fold Bias Binders can easily bind curved edges, collars, and necklines on knit or woven fabrics in just one step – amazing! Binders come in different sizes and are great additions to add your serging extras.

You’ll master many wonderful techniques creating this lovely Serger Technique Quilt: shadow work, chain stitch tucks, puffing, creating faux plaid fabrics and more!

Tucks: We’re going to go over all types of tucks. By the end, you’ll be an expert!

Plackets: Don’t let plackets scare you! We’ll demonstrate how to create plackets the easy way.

Serger Lace and Shadow Work: These are both great techniques used on the coverstitch machine!

Zippers and Piping: Attaching a zipper or making and attaching piping is a snap with your serger. You will need an extra foot for this technique: a piping foot. These feet do not come with your serger but can be purchased separately and are worth every penny. A Piping Foot has a groove in the bottom of the foot to allow 1/8” piping cord or nylon or polyester zipper teeth to ride in. You may never use your sewing machine again for zipper or piping applications.

Create chain-stitch quilting as on the Christening Jacket project.

And that’s just the beginning! We’ll also teach you all about shell stitch edging, quilt bindings, cover stitch quilting, working with knits, snap setters, playing with Whimsy Sticks and more. You’ll love how confident you’ll feel creating the course projects once you master these serger techniques.

When you receive your teacher’s license at the end of the course, you will share copyright ownership with Martha Pullen Company for all the projects in this curriculum and their written directions. That means you can teach the projects in your own classes, make them for resale, or just enjoy making them for yourself or as special gifts. Only those who are licensed in a curriculum can teach or sell these projects. While a lot of our students do choose to teach, we also have many who simply take our licensings for their own enjoyment. Everyone is welcome!

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Happy Serging!

The Martha Pullen Team


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