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Take a look inside the charming world of Luna Lapin


Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel

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Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel tells the story of Luna – a quiet and kind rabbit with impeccable taste. In the book, Sarah shows you how to make Luna as well as 20 patterns for an exquisite handmade wardrobe. The clothes are precious and very heirloom-inspired. There’s a tailored wool coat, a classic Liberty print floral dress, a lace top and skirt, a polka dot dress with a Peter Pan collar and more. There is even a dapper outfit for Luna’s brother, Alfie. Of course, there are cute accessory items, too.

Throughout the book, you can discover Luna’s story as she journeys from her home in the meadow and travels to the big city. The way that Sarah weaves this storybook tale throughout the pages is one of my favorite aspects of this book. When we meet Luna in the introduction, we learn she “liked to read and draw, she liked to pick flowers from the meadow, she loved to sew and stashed fabric like squirrels collect nuts.”

As Luna leaves her meadow and travels to the big city, we follow her journey as she embarks on her first job, celebrates a birthday and Christmas, visits with her brother Alfie and – along the way – creates lots of new garments and accessories to wear on her new adventures.

luna lapin

Meet Luna — she loves to sew!

Let’s take a closer look at Luna herself. This stuffed rabbit is designed to be passed down by generations as a very special keepsake. “She isn’t regarded as a toy; she is more of an heirloom piece, or an indulgence for all of us who are still children at heart,” Sarah writes in the book’s introduction. Luna is 16 inches tall; her body is felt and a Liberty cotton print is used for her ear lining and foot pads. Her eyes and arm joints are buttons, her tail is wool yarn and her facial features are created using embroidery floss.

luna lapin

From Luna’s wardrobe: Lace Top & Skirt, Polka Dot Dress and Wool Coat

Oh my goodness, Luna’s wardrobe is exquisite! She has her “perfect for every occasion dress” – a classic polka dot dress with a Peter Pan collar, pockets and rickrack. To keep warm in cooler weather, she has a tailored wool coat featuring bias binding, mock pockets and buttons. She has a lovely scalloped lace top and skirt to wear to her Christmas party. She even has pretty floral PJs featuring lace-edged bias binding. Other pieces in Luna’s impressive wardrobe include a floral T-shirt dress and a tweed skirt. There’s also a “waistcoat, shirt and jeans” ensemble you can make for Luna’s brother Alfie when he makes a special appearance in the book.

luna lapin

Lace Shrug, French Lace Knickers and Winter Cape

Of course, we can’t forget the accessories – there are adorable bunny boots and shoes, tiny French lace knickers, a patchwork scarf, a tweed bag, a crown, a lace shrug and a winter cape with pompom trim. There’s even an armchair you can make for Luna to sit in when she needs to take a break and relax!

luna lapin

Left: Luna in her sewing room; Right: Luna’s brother Alphie

The projects are suitable for a range of abilities – the stuffed rabbit and simple projects are great for beginners, while the more tailored pieces are ideal for more experienced sewists. Each project is given a difficulty rating in the book – one carrot for easy projects, working up to three carrots for more difficult ones. (Does it get any cuter?) All the full-size patterns are included and step-by-step instructions guide you though each project. There’s also a helpful techniques section and additional tips throughout the book.

Truth be told, I was in love with this book as soon as I got my hands on it. Luna and her wardrobe are so creative and unique. Luna would make a special heirloom keepsake for a child, or simply the perfect canvas for any sewist to create small-scale garments. I hope you give this fun book a look!

Making Luna Lapin is available to purchase in our online shop in paperback or ebook format.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Sally Reaves

    Oh I love the Luna Latin rabbit!! Will you be putting together a kit for the rabbit and some of the clothing?


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