Book Preview: Tilda’s Homemade & Happy

Remember last week when I said sewing beautiful garments is one of the best parts of the holiday season? Well this week I’m going to talk about one of the other best parts – decorating! Designer Tone Finnanger just released her newest Tilda book, Homemade & Happy, and it is full of fabulous home décor projects for Christmas and all winter long.

Made in gray-blue, green and soft red tones, the projects range from decorative angels to a stitched Christmas tree forest. Below, take a peek at a few of my favorite projects inside Homemade & Happy:


Sewn Sewing Machines & Homemade Angel (left) + Christmas Stockings

Sewn Sewing Machines & Homemade Angel – Have you ever sewn a sewing machine? Small sewn sewing machines make a wonderful decoration for the sewing room, and the book includes instructions for making large and small versions. The small version is the perfect accessory for a Homemade Angel, another great project in this book.

Christmas Stockings – Christmas stockings are always fun to make, and these quilted designs feature two cute appliqué design options.


My Town Placemat

My Town Placemat – Using appliqués of small houses and trees, you can create a miniature town around the edge of a placemat; a perfect centerpiece for a festive table!


Patchwork Pincushions (left) + Owls

Patchwork Pincushions – These are an ideal way to use antique cups or small bowls. The quilting technique used is called “English paper piecing,” where you cover each piece of the pattern with fabric and sew the pieces together by hand to make a small patchwork.

Owls – These small owl figures make cute Christmas tree ornaments and can also be attached to a branch or wreath for a door decoration.

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