Behind the Scenes with Joe Vecchiarelli

Our team was back in the studio last week taping new online courses with a special guest: Joe Vecchiarelli! Joe has worked in the fashion industry for over four decades, and many of you have enjoyed his classes at our live Original Sewing & Quilt EXPO events. His upcoming online courses will include lessons in padding a body form to create your body double; draping the bodice to create a personal sloper; and draping pants.

Joe’s classes are so popular at our live events, and we’re thrilled to bring his lessons and techniques to our online Martha Pullen University audience. Enjoy this special behind-the-scenes peek at all the fun we had in the studio last week, then read on below for more information about Joe and his upcoming classes!

Joe Vecchiarelli

Joe Vecchiarelli in the studio!

Joe Vecchiarelli

You may recognize the model … it’s Kathy McMakin!

Joe is re-creating Kathy’s figure on the dress form—now her body double.

Alicia Welcher joins in on the fun.

The apprentices and the master.

Joe and Kathy taping the pants draping course.

Kathy’s custom draped 35-minute pants … done!

Want to know more about Joe’s background? He is the founder and president of French European Inc. and has worked in the fashion industry for over 40 years. During his college years, Joe worked in the family business, sharpening scissors for the industry’s top designers. He later graduated from USC’s business program and began to realize that opportunities in the apparel business were unlimited. His career took another fascinating turn when he made a foray into the entertainment business working in production with shows like Dancing with the Stars and The X Factor. A few years ago he was approached by NBC to help produce the competitive design talent show, Fashion Star. Presently he is ever so busy maintaining his business and helping fashion students and enthusiasts grasp their dreams and become successful within the industry.

Be sure to stay tuned to Martha Pullen University for more information about Joe’s upcoming online courses. The classes will be ready to launch this fall, and you’ll be able to take one, two, or all three courses!

In the meantime, you can check out our library of other great online sewing courses we have available right now, or make plans to see Joe at one of our upcoming live Original Sewing & Quilt Expo events.

Happy Sewing!

The Martha Pullen team


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