August IEC: Cross Embroidery Designs

August 2018: Cross embroidery designs

Our August 2018 monthly Internet Embroidery Club collection features four multi-colored cross embroidery designs. Three of the designs fit 5×7 hoops and one design fits 4×4 hoops. These beautiful crosses will add the perfect touch to christening gown projects and more.

The sizes of these cross embroidery designs are as follows:
Cross 1 5×7 = 3.93 x 4.63 inches
Cross 2 5×7 = 3.93 x 4.63 inches
Cross 3 5×7 = 4.50 x 5.82 inches
Cross 4 4×4 = 2.76 x 3.56 inches

2018 members, log in to your IEC account to download these designs and start stitching.

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