A reader’s story of sewing, Grandmother’s Hope Chest and a lil Faith

Today we feature a reader and fan who was taught to love sewing at an early age by a mother who is a fan of Martha Pullen’s.  Below is Alena Dixon’s story…

My mother has been a seamstress since about the age of 12, and has now been sewing for about some 30+ years.  She taught me the love of sewing and crafting, and how to take pride in the garments I have made. I wanted to share with Sew Beautiful the beautiful Christening gown my mother made for our “Christmas miracle, baby Faith.” This gown was made using one of the Martha Pullen pattern books, Grandmother’s Hope Chest.

Myself and my husband have been married 8 and 1/2 years (now 9) at the time, and for whatever unknown reason, we could not have children.  So in 2010, we decided to try adoption, but that is a very long and can be a heartbreaking/rewarding experience. After several times of getting excited about a potential match and even getting to meet one little girl, things just weren’t working out. Each “possible”child fell through.  I was about to give up on ever being a mother.  I had just lost all Faith.  But my husband, Josh, decided to pray that he could witness a Christmas miracle, even if it was for someone else, and when he told me this, I was like Sarah, Abraham’s wife, in the Bible, and felt like ‘good luck with that.’ Christmas 2011 came and went, and I forgot about Josh’s prayer for a Christmas miracle, but 2 days after Christmas we got a phone call from our adoption worker, saying they had a baby girl for us if we were interested and her name was FAITH! So I’ll be forever thankful that God heard our prayers even when all looked impossible!

*Photo credit: Sabrina Sifuentes, of Tallassee, Alabama. Sabrina Sifuentes Photography.
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