A Cuddle Giraffe Kit Giveaway + Tips From Connie

Enter for your chance to win a cute Cuddle Giraffe Kit!


We’ve recently announced a few dates for the first of our 2017 live-and-in-person Martha Pullen events, and to celebrate we’re having a giveaway with Shannon Fabrics! We’ve partnered with Shannon Fabrics for a couple of years now for our live retreats, and we just adore all of the wonderful fabrics they have available.

Based in Los Angeles, Shannon Fabrics is the leading importer and distributor for plush fabric, and they carry the world’s largest selection of comfy Cuddle fabrics. Shannon Fabrics also offers fabulous Faux Furs, super soft Silky Satin fabrics, Terry Cloth, Cuddle Suede, the popular Embrace Double Gauze 100% Cotton and novelties. They offer kits and precuts, too!

Our students love sewing with Shannon Fabrics products at our events, and our own Martha Pullen instructor Connie Palmer even teaches a special Cuddle Blanket Workshop at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo. Connie has made many projects using Cuddle and she’s collected the easiest and best methods to share during this class. She’s even come up with a way to keep the ‘fuzzies’ to a minimum when cutting the binding (you won’t believe it)!  The class will next be taught at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Minneapolis Nov. 10.

Here are a few of Connie’s tips for sewing with Cuddle fabric:


– Use a large needle – 100 / 110 if needed, and be sure to use good thread, preferably polyester, not cotton. (Shannon Fabrics also suggests that it be a Stretch Needle.)

– Try to be sure to not cut the furry part, but cut the reverse side so that, as Connie says it, “you don’t have to think as much!”

– Fun trick: You can put batting in between the plush materials to make it more padded!

You can find Shannon Fabrics products at our events or at many fabric stores and quilt shops. Use the Shannon Fabrics Store Locator to find local shops that carry their fabric near you! You can also check out the Shannon Fabrics website for fun stuff we think you’ll love: free patterns, tips and tricksPDF and video tutorials and the Sewciety blog!

Now for the Cuddle Giraffe Kit Giveaway!


Shannon Fabrics has kindly sent us two of these adorable My Bubba Soft Cuddle kits to give away. What a sweet gift this play mat will make for the special little one in your life! The play mat finishes at 24” x 42”. The kit includes all the Cuddle fabric needed to make the mat, plus the free pattern.

To enter to win one of the kits, simply comment below with the hashtag #CuddleGiraffe and tell us why you want to win it! Then, head on over to the Sewciety blog and comment there for a second chance to win. Be sure to comment by midnight EST on Sunday, Oct. 23 for you chance to win.

TWO lucky winners will be chosen randomly and announced here next week.

Mary Bittel and Valerie Brown are the winners of our Cuddle Giraffe Kit Giveaway. The winners have been notified by email. Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who entered!

Happy Sewing,

144 thoughts on “A Cuddle Giraffe Kit Giveaway + Tips From Connie

  1. Patricia McLaughlin

    #CuddleGiraffe – I have 2 beautiful granddaughters that would love the #CuddleGiraffe. They are adorable!

  2. Mary Arvay

    This is so so adorable !! I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I can win this and make it for grandson #9. He is due beginning of December and sure to be the envy of his cousins with a Cuddle Giraffe

  3. Margaret

    # CuddleGiraffe
    This is adorable and would make the perfect gift for my dear friend who is expecting her baby next year. Thank you!

  4. Rita S

    # Cuddle Giraffe
    I have a niece who is having a baby in November and he will be the 100 member in our family. It would make the perfect

  5. Valerie Brown

    This is absolutely the cutest baby gift ever. Baby Guinney (Guinevere) will be arriving in November, and this would be just in time to make for that precious little gift from God.
    I’d also get to learn some new sewing skills from Connie. She’s so talented!

  6. Kathy Luehrs

    #CuddleGiraffe we have a new baby cousin on the way – what a cute welcome baby gift this would be

  7. Jane Jarvis

    #Cuddle Giraffe. I just became a great grandmother. This would be perfect for my new great grandson.
    Love the product !!!!!

  8. Lori Morton


    This giraffe is Totally AWESOME!!! What a fun & creative Pattern! Thank You for chance to win this Kit!! I would make it for our Grangirlie!!!! She will love the soft snuggly Minky!! 😀

  9. Keri

    I would love to make this #cuddlegiraffe for my dear friend’s infant son so that he knows his big sister (who collected giraffes) is always with him!

  10. Kira Holladay

    Why we wish to create beautiful things, no one can fully say. “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

  11. Linda Williamson

    I’ve never sewed with Cuddle fabric before and would to win this kit. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Michele Cais

    If I won I’d have a chance to be the coolest Auntie in the world! Thanks for the opportunity. #CuddleGiraffe

  13. Deborah Ward

    #CuddleGiraffe This kit is just the cutest! I have never sewn with cuddle type fabrics before and would love to make this cute guy for sure! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  14. Janet

    I love sewing with Shannon minky of all kinds and would be thrilled to win this kit for my future grandchild stash!

  15. Katherine

    Looks sooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!! And I have a baby girl on the way to make it for. I have fallen for the cuddle lol.

  16. Krista Wells

    #CuddleGiraffe Adorable! I have used cuddle fabric in quilts before, but would love to make something like this. So cute!

  17. Wendy Shaver

    I love cuddle for myself. It feels so GOOD. Babies love the softness. I have made many blankets with cuddle. The pattern is adorable. What mother would not live to have this for their little one. Me too

  18. Jean King

    I have given many cuddle blankets to babies and the parents later tell me their child takes it everywhere and are unhappy during washing and drying times. I personally love to cuddle with cuddle.

  19. Mary Voss


    My grandson loves to cuddle, he puts blankets and pillows on the floor and lays down in them, we call it “nesting” when he does it.

  20. Jill

    I have made one cuddle blanket and would like to learn how to make another project using the fabric since I had to buy a walking foot.

  21. Sheryl Matthews

    My 6th grandchild which will be my 1st granddaughter is expected to arrive in February and I would love to win this kit so I can make a giraffe for her.

  22. Debi Erbes


    This is about the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I have no babies, and no hope for any babies, but this would make the best gift.

  23. Lois Deleeuw

    Love to create new projects and love cuddle fabric. What better way to help someone in need!

  24. Pauline Pire

    I would love to make this for my Best Friend who’s daughter is having a baby nest year.
    Love Cuddle Fabric!

  25. Juanita Mallory

    I love this kit and it would make a wonderful gift for my little 9 mo old great granddaughter. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  26. Janet Archer

    Would love to win this and make it for my new granddaughter Haley! She is as sweet and precious as this cute kit is.

    Thank you for the chance

  27. Katie Lavery

    One of my best friends just had her first baby TODAY! Ahh! This would be such a wonderful gift for her new little princess! So cute!

  28. Janie

    I have a brand new grand baby who was born July 20th 2016. I think he would love this cuddle giraffe. Thank you for a sweet and soft giveaway. #CuddleGiraffe

  29. Renea Yarolim

    #cuddlegiraffe this is the cutest giraffe. I would love to win this giveaway so I could make this for my grandson. Thanks for this giveaway.

  30. Desiree Jerome

    #cuddlegiraffe I’d love to make it for my 3 month old granddaughter. She would share it with her two brothers of 2 & 4 years old. Thanks for the giveaway. I will check out your fabrics.

  31. Jill Auxer

    #CuddleGiraffe this is so cute and soft! I would love to make this for my newest niece, Madison, who is 4 months old today!

  32. Martha Cook

    what is there not to love and want to win it! thank you for a the giveaway. there is a special child that will absolutely love it.

  33. Dawn

    I would love to win this because my son and his wife are expecting their first baby. ❤️

  34. Lori A Mehrer

    #CuddleGiraffe Shannon Minky is my favorite. It’s so soft and cuddly. Everyone I’ve ever made baby blankets for using it tell me that it’s not only their favorite, their baby’s love it too. The giraffe kit looks a bit challenging but what a wonderful gift to be able to give to a new baby.

  35. Joyce Gooden

    I have made items from minky and cuddy before for gifts for baby. the blanket was so plush I was thinking of making one for myself. Now l would ljke to recieve this kit (it is adorable) for one of the moms I am making blankets or.

  36. Judy Allen

    #CuddleGiraffe I’d love to win and make this adorable giraffe for my new grand nephew. Since I’m a tall gal I’ve always thought of giraffes as my kind of animal.

  37. Treva Powe

    My goddaughter is doing a jungle theme for her nursery. The giraffe is so cute and would be a great gift for her nursery!

  38. Sue

    #CuddleGiraffe Love this. It’s too cute for words. I’d love to win this and make it to donate to a charity.

  39. Elaine Jordan

    #CuddleGiraffe Love sewing with Minky for baby quilts, and lots of reasons to use it now since my first Grandchild is due in 2 weeks.

  40. Mary Lou Rowe

    #CuddleGiraffe is an adorable softie! My newest granddaughter was born last month and this would be a lovely surprise for her. 🙂

  41. Pam Whicker

    Wow what a creative little cuddle. I had 4 grandbabies last year, this would have been great to make for them. I’ll do that next time a baby is born! Darling!

  42. Michele

    I would love to win the #Cuddle Giraffe kit. I would make it then donate it to a children’s hospital. I wish that there were several that could be given to more than one.

  43. Julie

    This is way too cute. I can’t wait to make one and give it to my friend who is due to have a new baby soon.

  44. Chiska


    I would love to be able to make this for the many babies coming in my family–4 this next winter/spring!

  45. Brenda Williams

    Omigosh! Is this the cutest thing ever! I love the mint green color, too. Thanks for showing us a simple, adorable project for the babies coming along! I would love to win this kit.

  46. Terri Jocham

    #cuddlegiraffe I have a brand new granddaughter and her nursery is Giraffes. Wouldn’t Makayla just love this!

  47. Stacy LeJeune

    This is just too precious and my new seat granddaughter, Raegan Elise, due in January, would surely love it as well. My daughter has lost her first 2 pregnancies, and having difficulties with this pregnancy, but so far, baby and mommy are still hanging on.

  48. Ewa Thomas

    My nephew will be a dad in two month and this would be such cute gift for the new family addition. I love to gift unique items and this giraffe sure is very special.

  49. Penny Woodward

    Such a sweet giraffe in the softest cuddle fabric! I would be delighted to receive a giraffe kit as I have two new babies coming and I need to make a beautiful gift for each of them. Thank you!!

  50. Rhonda Hubbuch

    The giraffe is favorite animal and this would the perfect prop for the baby photography that I do. Would to win this adorable kit!

  51. Roberta J Gorman

    #CuddleGiraffe would be perfect to make and donate to a baby waiting for an organ transplant. They need all the comfort they can get. This would be perfect so they are never alone.

  52. Judith

    #CuddleGiraffe would love to make this for our new great nephew, it is so adorable, thank you for the opportunity,

  53. Marilyn B.

    #CuddleGiraffe My first grandchild was just born last week! All I can think about is what I can make for him! This is one of the most adorable things I have seen and so perfect for him now!

  54. Linda Edwards

    #CuddleGiraffe This has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen! I would love to win it and make for my new grandbaby girl.

  55. Susan Showalter

    #CuddleGiraffe My Best Friends Daughter ,who is like my own, is pregnant with her first child after many medical issues. I made her a quilt 31 years ago and it was my first quilt I had ever tried. This would be so cute for me to make her.

  56. Ida Bramblett


    This fabric is sooo soft. This would be wonderful to win the kit and make for my new granddaughter.

  57. lois willingham

    #cuddle giraffe
    this fabric is just what I need for my great grand son Henry due in November. he would be just right for it for Christmas.

  58. Brenda Ackerman

    #Cuddle Giraffe
    I have recently became a Great Aunt and would love to make this for my Niece. She is the only baby in our family in far to many years and I would just love to make this special blankie/quilt for her.

  59. Natalie James

    I LOVE these soft amazing fabrics. I am only one who sews for anyone in the family and I always give the items to them, I already buy good fabric but now since move we do not have a fabric store without driving 2 hours, besides a walmart and hobby lobby. I now will order my fabric except when go back home. I would Love to make this for my niece, actually great niece due in Nov. She always appreciates everything I make for her.
    Would Love to surprise her with this giraffe toy/mat 🙂
    Thank You !
    Natalie – Arkansas

  60. Linda Taylor

    #Cuddle Giraffe

    I am going to be a first time Great Grandma in March, 2017!!!! This would be a perfect gift.

  61. Doris Melady

    I have three granddaughters that would love this. Also two grandsons who would love it to bits!

  62. Kathy E.

    #CuddleGiraffe I am hopeful for grandchildren, so this would be a perfect gift to welcome a new little blessing.

  63. Kathy Carr

    #CuddleGiraffe – I’ve seen other animal mats, but this is the cutest of all. You can almost feel the softness of the material through the screen. I would love to make one for my new grandson.

  64. Judy Ann

    Thank you for this opportunity. I would like to win this kit to make the giraffe for our new babies at church. I have several grandchildren and have been blessed with funds to make quilts for them. There are families in the community that are not as fortunate, so I would contribute this to them.

  65. DeeDee

    Our little Grand Emily would love to snuggle with #CuddleGiraffe. Love all the cuddle fabrics and their new line of gauze is sweet also.

  66. Jeannie Jamieson

    I am a new grandmother and a Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Economics) Teacher and I would love to demonstrate this cuddly and creative giraffe for my Child Development students AND have the playmat for my new granddaughter, Caroline!!!!

  67. Deena Holsinger

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply to this contest. I have several babies coming in my life: a close friend’s first grandchild, a friend who has received her first foster child-a sweet boy of meth parents, and most-excitedly our coming first GREAT-grandchild!!! I could make three of them-sew fun!!!

  68. Sande Krikke

    I would love to make this. I would need to make 2 though. I have twin, 20 month old granddaughters.
    I now have to make 2 of everything, but I love it.

  69. Lilia O.

    Niece is having a baby and the baby room theme is animals, so winning this would be the perfect gift!! Thank you!!

  70. Dee Caplan

    I would love to make this for my first granddaughter, who will be born in March. From her loving MeeMee xoxoxo…

  71. Renee Jensen

    I would love to share this as a family keepsake for my grandchildren. The smile would be contagious!

  72. Susan Schnering

    I love to make clothing for my grandchildren. This would be a wonderful cuddly gift for my newest grandson. I love it!

  73. Jane Luxenberg

    I love this fabric for little ones and old. It is soft, sews easily and wears well. What a cute giraffe! I am having a great nephew.

  74. Sheri G

    I absolutely love this giraffe and would love to make this pattern for a special little one due this Christmas! I love the feel of minky and how easy it is to work with!

  75. Rebekah Sims

    Cuddle fabric is so soft and perfect for babies. My neighbor is having twins in a month–I’d love to win this and make it for her!! #CuddleGiraffe

  76. M L Burley

    Think of the children in group homes, or orphanages who could have a soft cuddle. I think this would make a wonderful group project to make and send several to places and children who don’t have many cuddles.

  77. Angelia Siddell

    #CuddleGiraffe Perfect gift for my newborn granddaughter and it even matches her nursery!

  78. paola

    no entiendo tu idioma
    me gustaría obtener patrón gratuito
    me gustaría para mi segundo hijo en camino
    su padre aún no sabe
    espero darle sorpresa en navidad


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