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Heirloom Sewing: Creating Priceless Treasures

Class is in session for our new ‘Creating Priceless Treasures’ online licensing course, and we are keeping registration open for a short time if you’d like to join us! Whether you plan to teach sewing, make items to sell or simply advance your own sewing skills and pleasure, the outstanding collection of memorable projects and techniques included in this course curriculum provides everything you’re looking for. Here are the top five reasons we think you’ll love this online licensing course.

1. You’ll get more than 30 exclusive projects. The projects included in this course are the quintessential “Martha Pullen” projects. In fact, we designed the curriculum as a “best of” collection of heirloom sewing projects. It’s truly filled with priceless treasures as the title suggests – from christening gowns to special keepsakes and more. As with all of our online licensing courses, you’ll receive both patterns/written instructions and video tutorials to guide you through each project.

Precious Madeira Applique Baby Bibs

Precious Madeira Applique Baby Bibs

2. You’ll master lots of great techniques. You’ll learn so many great sewing techniques in this course. We’ll start at the beginning with sewing basics and beginning heirloom techniques and move on to lace shaping, bias shaping, tucks of all kinds, Madeira appliqué, smocking in the hoop, shark’s teeth, cathedral windows, mitered coreners, Australian windowpane and much more.

3. You’ll co-own the copyright to the curriculum. The teacher’s license certificate you’ll receive at the end of this course will give you shared copyright ownership with Martha Pullen Company for all the projects in this curriculum and their written directions. That means you can teach the projects in your own classes, make them for resale, or just enjoy making them for yourself or to give as special gifts. Only those who are licensed in a curriculum can teach or sell these exclusive Martha Pullen projects. And even though you will receive more than 30 projects, you will need to complete just five projects and five technique samples to receive your teacher’s license at the end of this course.

Delicate Smocked Pincushion1

Delicate Smocked Pincushions

4. It’s convenient… Because this is an online course, you can experience it all in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, using your own machine. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who has been unable to attend licensing in-person. Although we’ve also had a number of students who HAVE attended our live events tell us that they love the online experience, too! Win, win.

5. …and “sew” much FUN! Last but certainly not least, we will have so much fun together! The videos are taught by me, Missy Billingsley, Connie Palmer, Pam Mahshie and Alicia Welcher. The videos and materials are so comprehensive and we share lots of extra tips and tricks with you, just like we would at one of our face-to-face events! You might be wondering, “How do I talk to the instructors if the course is online?” Throughout this six-month course you will have full access to our Martha Pullen Licensing faculty. We’ll be just a quick message, email or phone call away to answer any question you might have about projects, patterns, techniques and teaching methods. The online format also allows you to interact and share photos with the other students taking the course!

Click here to learn more about our Heirloom Sewing: Creating Priceless Treasures online licensing.

I hope you can join us!


2 thoughts on “5 Things You’ll Love About Online Licensing

  1. Jane Glenn

    What thrilled me was the fact that those videos can be watched even after the class ends! That is the “gift that keeps on giving”! A priceless gift!


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