5 Great Embroidery Stitches

Decorative hand embroidery can add such a special touch to our sewing projects. No matter what form of needlework you enjoy — smocking, crazy patch, silk ribbon embroidery, etc. — there are a number of great embroidery stitches that are good to know. Below I’ve gathered together five of my favorite decorative hand embroidery stitches, along with excellent video tutorials shared courtesy of our sister needlework company, Sew and So. Click on the images or links in the descriptions to watch the videos. Enjoy!


Herringbone Stitch: Isn’t this beautiful? The herringbone stitch is a perfect stitch for creating a decorative border or for when you want to embellish a seam. Watch the video tutorial here.


Bullion Stitch: The bullion is great to have in your stitch library. It’s used as the basis for bullion flowers and roses, which are some of the most popular embroidered flower designs. It can be used as an accent stitch, too. Watch the video tutorial here.


Split Stitch: This is a great basic stitch, ideal for stitching a wall around a design before filling it in. Watch the video tutorial here.


Satin Stitch: The satin stitch is a really nice and smooth flat stitch. It’s good to use for monograms or other designs that you want to fill in with color. Watch the video tutorial here.


French Knot: The popular French knot is good to use as the center of a flower. It can be big or small depending on the number of times your needle is wrapped with floss, so if you want to make it larger simply add more strands. Watch the video tutorial here.

If you’d like more great instruction on hand embroidery stitches, I recommend Wendy Schoen’s two fabulous video downloads: Basic Heirloom Embroidery and Heirloom Embroidery II.

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