3 Reasons We Love Sewing for Baby

A few of the adorable baby girl projects included in Sewing for Baby!

A few of the adorable baby girl projects included in Sewing for Baby!

We love sewing for the precious babies in our lives. So when we were planning which Martha Pullen Licensing program we would next offer online, Sewing for Baby was at the top of the list. All of our licensing programs feature some baby projects of course, but this particular licensing is totally baby-themed. What could be sweeter? The course features 30+ projects and is taught by Kathy McMakin, Missy Billingsley, Alicia Welcher and Connie Palmer. Below, we’ve gathered together three of our favorite things about sewing for baby:

1. Baby projects are oh-so-cute.

There’s simply nothing sweeter than making itty-bitty baby clothes, and when you join our Sewing for Baby online licensing you’ll receive so many fantastic projects for baby. “We’re working with little bitty baby stuff, and it is so much fun because it’s all so cute and it’s so tiny,” Alicia said.

From two exquisite christening gowns to adorable outfits to a baby quilt and more, there’s so much to love in this course. Connie said her favorite project in the licensing is probably the 1st birthday dress; it features a detachable collar so baby can wear it again after their big day. “This particular licensing is in my wheelhouse because it’s all geared around children’s clothing,” Connie said. “So it’s me. For sure.”

Missy said she loves the in-the-hoop projects, while Alicia mentioned a couple of favorites.

“We have a set of stockings that have all kinds of different techniques on them,” Alicia said. “They’re just the cutest things ever. And then we’ve got plenty of clothing. One of our most beautiful christening gowns is in this particular licensing. It’s our drop-waist gown. We had never done anything like that before and it’s just a brilliant design by Connie.”

As for Kathy, she had a hard time picking a favorite, too, but said she loves the baby knits, daygowns and diaper covers. She also pointed out that while all the projects in this course are baby-themed, two are actually for mothers to wear: a maternity blouse and a nursing gown.

“This curriculum is just so varied,” Kathy said. “I think you will love it. It’s one of my very favorites.”

2. You can practice new techniques on the small-scale.

Baby projects are perfect for trying out new techniques because it lets you practice them on the small-scale. And there are so many techniques you’ll discover in this course.

From Madeira appliqué, puffing and bias shaping to shell stitch, gimpwork and hemstitching, this licensing will take your sewing skills to a new level. Discover how to sew with knits, create ruffles and make tucks of all kinds. And you’re sure to love smocking in the hoop, quilting, shadow work embroidery and more!

Small-scale also means you can use less fabric and (in a lot of cases), make it in less time!

3. There’s nothing more special than a handmade baby gift.

Handmade baby gifts are so special, and with the great variety of projects you’ll receive in Sewing for Baby you’ll never run out of ideas for sweet baby gifts. Whether you want to sew the most glorious heirloom or something small and simple, this course has just what you’re looking for.

In addition to the projects already mentioned, there are several coordinated collections for times when you want to sew an extra-special gift: the In-the-Hoop set (featuring a bib, booties and pacifier keeper with matching bonnets and pacifier holders); the Snug as a Bug set (complete with a jacket, bonnet, bunting and baby bag); and the Circle of Chicks set (complete with a pillow cover and ruffled hanger cover). And how about some quick baby shower gifts? We have you covered with burp cloths, a baby album, a toy set and more.

More about the course:

The Martha Pullen Online Licensing program was designed as a learning tool for those wanting to teach sewing — but that’s far from its sole purpose. It is, of course, a terrific learning program for aspiring teachers, as all who participate receive an exclusive ready-to-teach licensed curriculum of projects along with heaps of sewing knowledge and know-how. But you can also use the curriculum to make projects for sale without limit. Or you can just take the course for fun, as many of our students do! Everyone is welcome.

With help from instructional videos and written instructions/patterns, Kathy, Alicia, Connie and Missy will introduce techniques to you and then, project by project, guide you through everything the Sewing for Baby curriculum has to offer. The online format is so convenient, and our instructors will be just a click or call away to answer any questions you might have about projects, patterns, techniques and teaching methods.

To earn your Martha Pullen Teacher’s License at the end of this course, you’ll submit photos of four projects (some assigned, some your choice) along with four specific technique samples. Once you have your license, you’ll co-own the copyright with Martha Pullen Company for all the written instructions/patterns for the 30+ projects included in the Sewing for Baby licensing. That means you’ll be able to copy the exclusive licensed materials to share with your students if you choose to teach, make the projects for sale without limit or sew them for own enjoyment. No matter your reasons, we invite you to join us.

“I think students love learning how to teach these projects because they’re quick, they’re easy, (and) they’re a ready, go-to curriculum…” Missy said.”You may never want to teach in your life, but it’s a great curriculum to learn all kinds of techniques.”

Click here to learn more and register for Sewing for Baby!

Happy Sewing!
The Martha Pullen Team

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    Has a decision been made on a fabric and notions bundle for this licensing? I was wondering. I received an email saying you would get back to us about it. I have been waiting, because we have no shops in the area that carry heirloom fabrics, lace, and notions!!


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