2015 Event Schedule & Fancy Band Tips


Have you heard the good news? Our 2015 schedule of face-to-face events has been announced. Woohoo! Our tried and true faculty and staff and I invite each of you to join us next year for a School of Art Fashion Boutique and a Martha Pullen Licensing. Registration is now open for our School of Art Fashion Boutiques in Lakeland, FL and Atlanta, GA – click here for more information. We will have more details and open registration for the licensing events in the coming weeks so stay tuned … more info coming very soon!


Portrait Dresses

I have a great heirloom how-to to share with you this week. If you’ve ever sewn a fancy band, you know how challenging it can be to keep the band straight with the lace patterns aligned during construction.

This easy method for keeping the band flat was shared by one of our favorite sewing writers, designers and teachers, Patty Smith, in our February/March 2014 issue of Sew Beautiful. Patty used this technique in making these gorgeous heirloom portrait dresses for Martha Pullen’s granddaughters Anna Garrin and Sophie Reese. Follow Patty’s steps below to apply this method to your own project – it will result in a beautifully finished fancy band every time.


Fancy Band

NOTE: Complete instructions and the supply list for these portrait dresses can be found in the “Heirloom Tea Dress” pattern by Judith Dobson, available to purchase in our online store.

1. Lay out laces on a long table or on floor.

2. Match designs if desired and arrange exactly how you want them to look when complete.


3. Using a ruler and wash-away blue marking pen, draw a line from top of band to bottom every 12 inches (fig. 1).

4. Zigzag rows together making sure lines match as you sew (fig. 2).

5. When lace band is complete, remove the marks with water. Starch and press flat.

6. Prepare entredeux by trimming fabric selvedge from one side. Re-mark lace band, top and bottom, in 12-inch intervals. Measure and mark trimmed side of entredeux in 12-inch intervals (fig. 3).

7. Zigzag entredeux on each side of fancy lace band, matching the marks.

Okie dokie – need any lace, ribbon, bias or other trims for any upcoming projects? Click here to shop laces and trims in our online store.

Our new December 2014 Internet Embroidery Club designs are two gorgeous heirloom crosses available in both 4×4 and 5×7 formats. These would be so pretty on christening items as well as on special gifts. Visit the IEC site to download the designs!

We pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way, and for each of you.

Much Love to You All & May God Bless,

Kathy McMakin


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