15 Favorite Heirloom Sewing Techniques


Our Heirloom Sewing: Creating Priceless Treasures Online Licensing is in full swing, and we’d love to have you join us! We’ve talked a lot about the more than 30 beautiful projects included in this course curriculum, and today I’d like to tell you more about another great aspect of this course: all the techniques! With help from step-by-step video tutorials taught by me (Kathy McMakin), Connie Palmer, Missy Billingsley, Alicia Welcher and Pam Mahshie, you’ll master so many wonderful heirloom sewing techniques during this course.

We’ll begin with general sewing techniques. Connie reviews a bunch of basic techniques that we’ll use over and over again in our projects — everything from seam allowances to French seams to piping, plackets, puffing and more. I’ll teach you tried and true methods for the basic heirloom sewing techniques used in every heirloom project. Plus, I’ll share tips and techniques for working with knits. Then we’ll move on to all the specialty sewing techniques that will take your projects to the next level!

Lace Shaping: It’s no secret how much Martha Pullen loves lace shaping! Martha joins us in this video to share her tried and true techniques for creating lace hearts, bows, diamonds and more — the easy way.

Extra-Stable Lace Finish: There are a lot of ways to add lace to your fabric. But, when we have areas that have a lot of stress on our fabric and lace, we want to use a method that prevents the lace from tearing away easily. Connie will show you one of her favorite, and most stable, ways to insert lace into your projects.


Fabric crazy patch

Ribbon and Fabric Crazy-Patch: Patches of fabric have never looked so beautiful as when they are “crazy patched” together. This is one of the oldest and most beloved techniques in heirloom sewing. Alicia will shows you the method we like to use for crazy-patch that is a lot like paper piecing.

Bias Shaping: We’ve talked about bias shaping in past licensing courses and told you how similar it is to lace shaping. But, until now, we’d never featured a technique video on bias all by itself. In this video with Alicia, you’ll learn how easy bias tape is to make and manipulate into various shapes.

Tucks of All Kinds: Both folded tucks and double needle pintucks add dimension and interest to any “created” fabric without adding a lot of cost. Alicia will help you hone your skills with tucks of all kinds.

Hemstitching and Corded Hemstitching: Hemstitching can be a beautiful addition to almost any project. Watch as Alicia shows you how to perfect your hemstitching techniques.

Madeira Applique: “Magic Madeira” is what we call this technique because it is truly magic. You will love Missy’s tutorial showing you how to use wash-away basting thread to create this age-old technique.


Machine embroidery

Machine Embroidery: Machine embroidery adds a touch of elegance to any heirloom project. Alicia gives you a great overview of stabilizers along with machine embroidery tips.

Mitered Corners: Mitering corners is thought to be one of the hardest techniques in sewing – well, no longer! Join Alicia to see just how easy it is.

Pinstitch and Entreduex: Pinstitch and entredeux stitch are the two favorite stitches in heirloom sewing — they’re the stitches you want to use to make everything look pretty. Connie will show you how to replicate these hand stitches of long ago using decorative stitches on your sewing machine along with a large needle.

Smocking in the Hoop: Smocking is not just by hand any longer. With today’s embroidery machines and a “smocking in the hoop” embroidery file, you can achieve a very similar look if you know the tips and tricks. Alicia will show you these tips and tricks!


Shark’s teeth

Shark’s Teeth: This irresistible tuck treatment can be added to garments, as well as home decorating projects. Watch Missy’s tutorial and enjoy!

Cathedral Windows: I love, love, love cathedral windows. They’re inexpensive and can add so much interest to your projects. To make a cathedral window, you use strips of bias fabric to frame a window of lace, ribbon, embroidery or anything you choose to be your “windowpane.” I’ll show you all the simple steps.

Gimpwork: Create an elegant raised effect by simply stitching over a small cord. Connie will teach you all the tricks of the age-old technique.

Australian Windowpanes: Add a touch of sheer elegance to your heirloom project with a technique we learned in our travels to Australia. Alicia walks you step-by-step though the process.

Other techniques we’ll cover include gathering techniques, quilt basics and more!

To receive your teacher’s license at the end of the course, you’ll need to complete some techniques samples and a handful of the course projects. This license will give you shared copyright ownership with Martha Pullen Company for all the projects in this curriculum and their written directions. That means you can teach the projects in your own classes, make them for resale, or just enjoy making them for yourself or as special gifts. Only those who are licensed in a curriculum can teach or sell these projects.

Click here to learn more and register for Heirloom Sewing: Creating Priceless Treasures. Once you enroll you will have instant access to all the videos, patterns and more included in this online course.


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  1. Rebecca Yuille

    I am enrolled in the SAGA Fine Machine Sewing program. Would I be able to get artisan points for taking this course?

  2. Natalie Nettles Post author

    Hi Rebecca: In the past these have been SAGA approved. Can you tell us who the person is to speak with now so we can check with them about this specific course to get approval?


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