This has been a wonderful day. We are finishing the packing on the gorgeous kits just for our students coming to the School of Art Fashion next week. When I tell you that the kits are gorgeous, I truly mean it. I have had fun sitting in the conference room packing some of them. Iris and her team have the pieces beautifully cut and ready. I was part of the final assembly group. You might be interested in knowing that we cut over 35,000 kits a year!  Just packing a few of the kits made my fingers itch to sew.

This morning I was out on a frantic search for a new song for my dance next Friday night. No luck so I guess I will use the one I have already planned. I do have a brand new costume! With a wig! You will see pictures week after next on the newsletter I am sure.

I got the most precious letter today from Alice in Corpus Christi, Texas. She send some fabulous pictures of the christening dress that her daughter-in-law  Caroline made. Alyce writes:

“Dearest Martha, I am writing you and sending these pictures because I am so proud of my little daughter-in-law Caroline. I have been sewing your methods for many years for grandchildren and great grandchildren. Caroline was going to be a grandmother so she wanted to make a christening dress for the baby. She has always admired my sewing, so she decided to go to Alabama and take one of your classes. This dress is the outcome of her classes. When i saw it I was so proud of her. I just wanted you to see it too. She is a strong Christian lady. May God Continue To bless You, Alyce”

Alyce this dress is magnificent!!!! I am thrilled to see that she used the gorgeous machine embroidery designs from our IEC a couple of years ago!  The pattern is Christening Gown Ensemble which was Joanna’s first child’s gown-Cecil Elizabeth. It is a glorious pattern and has about 115 yards of lace in the gown. I cannot tell you how much I loved seeing Caroline’s work and how much I appreciate your note. I remember fondly going to Corpus Christi and conducting workshops there. Then we enjoyed the gorgeous Texas beaches and the seafood of course. Thanks so much for writing. And if any of you want one of my all time favorite christening gown patterns, just call and order Christening Gown Ensemble. It is actually a little booklet with the pattern for the gown, a bonnet, a slip and a christening blanket.It also has nine pages of gorgeous antique embroidery designs you can stitch by hand or machine.


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