Beverley Sheldrick School

Beverley Sheldrick – Hand & Machine techniques (You must bring your own sewing machine)

We are so pleased to welcome Beverley Sheldrick back to the School of Art Fashion. Beverley is New Zealand’s leading authority on heirloom sewing and embroidery and has authored a book on the subject. She has taught silk ribbon embroidery on Martha’s Sewing Room television series for PBS and has taught at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion many times. Her glorious designs by hand and machine work as well as her delightful accent and enthusiastic manner of teaching have delighted students on three continents. Beverley has designed a special linen blouse and a sewing reticule especially for the students of Martha’s School of Art Fashion and has deemed her class as the “Return of Old Friends School.”

Beverley’s Blouse
Beverley Sheldrick – 2 Days (Hand & Machine)

Beverley has designed this beautifully hand embroidered blouse just for you. She will use her “old friend,” the simple V-neck shell blouse, as the base for this project as this style is suitable for all shapes and sizes. It is perfect to wear under a jacket! Students will be provided with the basic shell pattern from Six Easy Patterns for Women by Martha Pullen in sizes XS to 4XL. As an alternative, Beverley encourages students to bring their own favorite basic shell pattern (and fit!) to save time in class. Beverley will introduce brand new silk ribbon techniques and her new way to make lace flowers and special buttons. Learn to add in some color with her “old friend” Pin Stitch in a new way as you create this delightful white linen embroidered blouse.

Victorian Reticule
Beverley Sheldrick – 2 Days (Hand & Machine)

Beverley is quite well known for her Victorian Sewing Reticules and this beautiful bag is one that you will recognize as one of her own “old friends” taught only one time many years ago. For the 2013 Victorian Reticule, the basic shape will remain the same but the embroidery is a brand new design especially for you. The silk ribbon embroidery design will feature some brand new stitches and a beautiful swag of flowers, including hand-crafted cornflowers, fuchsias, lavender, a Kingfisher, dainty Concertina roses. You will also learn to use a loop-stitch to form Hydrangea and a Ladybird. Leave this class with a treasure of silk ribbon stitches that can be used in many more projects and a Victorian Reticule that will be treasured for many years to come.